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Synonyms for flowerbed

a bed in which flowers are growing

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largely conditioned voice The state of the flowerbed is a disgrace on one of the main crossroads in the town Mr P Axford
Clumps of snowdrops in the flowerbeds have been lifted as part of the process of redesigning the beds below our hot garden.
There are six in total, and the children will be encouraged to decide what they would like to grow in their flowerbed over the school year.
The National Flowerbed competition at Tatton Park is probably the second biggest competition held by the Royal Horticultural Society and the other one is at Chelsea Flower Show.
Clarkson blowing up a flowerbed with dynamite, pouring concrete on the lawn and churning it up with a huge digger.
The third drawing, which is the only one to be drawn on a single page, is a garden plan characterized by a central star-shaped flowerbed.
The two interchangeable 7" or 24" shafts provide comfort whether digging in a raised-tier flowerbed or from a natural standing position.
Occupying barely the width of a flowerbed, it is a poetic yet practical response to the exigencies of Tokyo's planning and building laws.
Lined up on a terrace behind a flowerbed are dozens of solar panels with reflector wings spread wide to capture the sun's rays and heat up to 180 degrees Celsius.
Some of Marston's objects-giant fiber-optic tree, wheeled flowerbed, talking lampshade--possess an odd charm.
This one is oval, centered with a large urn surrounded by a flowerbed.
A central flowerbed filled with tools gave both mobile and chairbound residents access to physical activity.
Didn't even ask permission, just started planting, finishing out the long flowerbed, edging over into the main yard and down the other side.
If you have a border - a flowerbed backed by a wall, trellis, fence, hedge, building, or other solid structure - the back edge of it will probably be a straight line.