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a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system

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This column provides instructors with step-by-step instructions to minimize their start-up time when assigning flowchart construction.
Numerous studies have shown that visual communication is up to six times more effective than words alone, but until now less than 3% of business communication includes visuals like flowcharts, mind maps and other charts.
In addition to the flowcharts for individual conditions, there is a general flowchart at the beginning of the text that describes the therapeutic order in naturopathic medicine.
And an investment flowchart providing a step-by-step guide to how FSCS deals with an investment claim.
Company management documents, reviews and updates all control activities, prepares flowcharts, seeks feedback from external auditors and remediates control deficiencies.
Enrofloxacin is not approved for prophylactic or growth promotion use in poultry teed as stated in our commentary and in the first section of the flowchart (1).
By going through this text to flowchart conversion, we found that the textual documents sometimes didn't reflect the sequence of events that made up the procedure.
To help CPAs navigate their way to a resolution when faced with an ethics challenge, the AICPA is providing a downloadable ethics flowchart.
We started work on this document by flowcharting our current GI operation, followed by a flowchart on how DI would compare to GI with its differences and additions.
Illustrated here is the decision process regarding how securities should be treated in the financial statements using a flowchart approach.
If you can draw a process flowchart, you can program the Camile system," says marketing manager Linda Bakke.
But one of the best ways to get a sense of a program's function is to look at a flowchart that diagrams the way in which the program does its job.
LucidChart is a web-based diagramming and flowchart software that can be used to create flowcharts, network diagrams, process models, UML diagrams, org charts, mind maps and more right from the browser.