flow rate

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the amount of fluid that flows in a given time

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The flow rate achieved on TB09 without having to frac, in a location close to Sino Gas's TB07 well further supports the company's move to pilot production.
A number of correlations for the prediction of mass flow rate of various refrigerants through adiabatic capillary tubes have been proposed.
The volume flow rate for the design point of the conventionally equipped main feed circuit is
As the groove slope becomes less steep, the oil flow rate increases due to an increase in the viscous dragging velocity.
where R and L are the die radius and die length, [DELTA]P is the driving pressure, and q is the volumetric flow rate.
For a few days before the inundation, engineers held the flow rate through the dam to a modest 225,000 liters per second.
As the Modbus protocol is widely used in upstream oil and gas processes for communications between sensors and gas flow rate compensation devices, Yokogawa has added Modbus protocol support to the DPharp EJX multivariable transmitter.
The smallest of the three areas is referred to as the choke area since this region of the gating system controls the metal flow rate.
It generally delivers a large flow rate at high pressure and high efficiency and is compact in structure.
This varying amount of liquid flowing into the pipeline can cause a wide variance in flow rate within the pipeline.
Services Are Required To Provide Sufficient Hauling Capacity To Prevent Diversions To The Equalization Basins Under All Conditions Up To A Maximum Hourly Flow Rate Of 8,400 Gallons And Maximum Daily Flow Rates Of 120,000 Gallons.