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flow off or away gradually


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The main cause of this defect is flow due to surface tension: flow away from residues such as finger oils and sanding dirt or flow away from sharp edges of sand scratches.
The flooding "caused the diesel and petrol to flow away from the station and a fire from a nearby house led to the explosion," said Billy Anaglate spokesman for Ghana's national fire service.
Since the sealing unit is located on the side of the strap guide frame rather than below it, process liquids or other foreign particles flow away without soiling it.
Warm water is carried by currents as they flow away from the equator, and become cold as they flow away from the poles.
According to Wendy Patoprsty, Extension Agent for Watauga County, “rainwater in the high country represents a high quality source of water available to us, there is no reason we should let it flow away without using it.” It can take a very long time for our natural groundwater to recharge.
The team mapped out the directional flow of supplies, including circulation patterns and where waste was being piled in the department and, from that process, were able to make informed design decisions to relocate the supply room to a more accessible location that also kept traffic flow away from patients and visitors.
"Redirecting blood flow away from the aneurysm with the Pipeline device has been shown to reduce aneurysm recurrence and the need for retreatment in large and giant internal carotid artery aneurysms.
Adrenaline redirects blood flow away from the cervix and the uterus, preventing the cervix from dilating and this slows down labor.
In August, work started on an eight-month programme to remove trees, bushes and debris from a four-mile section of the River Elwy to help water flow away quicker when floods threaten.
"As well as being permeable, allowing water to flow away, as it would with normal grass, it maintains the look of a garden and, in many cases, improves it, because such things as mowing and weeding are a thing of the past.
Heat travels from hot to cold, Schneider says, and heat will always flow away from this gas.
It is learnt that waters in those tanks thus opened to flow away are overflowing roads, houses and paddy fields, rendering maximum damages to houses and properties, causing residents to flee for safety in temples and schools.
An EAW spokesman said: "Officers will be deployed ahead of the forecast 0845 988 1188 rain to check debris screens and remove blockages to allow water to flow away more quickly and to make sure that flood defences are operating effectively.
I spent an evening prepping, imagining Christmas and all the noise and mess with just a small amount of dread but the radio was on and the tunes helped my thoughts flow away - until I opened the freezer and discovered it was full.
Also discussed was traffic flow away from the stadium after matches and the club said it is voluntarily paying for traffic flow management.