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Synonyms for flout



Synonyms for flout

to refuse or fail to obey

Synonyms for flout

treat with contemptuous disregard

laugh at with contempt and derision

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The CEO of Standard Chartered Plc (LSE: STAN) has said that he will take action against bankers who flout rules.
Yet, motorists still tend to flout this rule citing inconvenience or the distance they travel.
Cutting, 2002: 34-5) Speakers may observe or flout the maxims according to their purpose.
Regeneration boss Coun Shaukat Ali said: "The vast majority of proprietors comply with planning regulations but this prosecution should act as a warning to others that Dudley Council will take action when people flout the law.
05pm A cop embarks on his first day in narcotics, partnering a seasoned officer whose willingness to flout the rules forces him to question everything he has learnt.
It says bus operators have raised concerns that motorists have been flouting the bus lane and that drivers of unauthorised vehicles not only flout the law but can also affect road safety by making unexpected movements.
Social Development Minister has also issued an edict suspending Bahrain Medical Society board of directors for issuing statements and engaging into practices which flout the law on NGOs and its bylaw.
with suggest a is flouting contact the Vehicle 101 Police say that the recession has increased the pressure on drivers to flout the rules.
Campaigners are demanding the BBC apologise after Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May appeared to flout the smoking ban on the show.
The results have seen chief constable Bernard Hogan-Howe warn motorists who flout the law that they will be targeted.
But Mourinho had other ideas and was able to flout his ban during the Champions League quarter-final.
Signing statements also flout the president's obligation in Article II of the Constitution to execute the laws faithfully.
Leaving aside the fact that the law already allows the government to move expeditiously and then seek a warrant seventy-two hours after the fact, Bush's excuse could have been used by any President at any time in our history to flout the law in a time of war.
Several questioned how the colleges would enforce such a ban, saying resources would be better allocated elsewhere since students craving a nicotine fix would just flout the ban anyway.