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a United States Navy fleet consisting of two or more squadrons of small warships

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a fleet of small craft

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During the first few days they were busy discharging the cargo brought by the flotilla, the machines, and the rations, as well as a large number of huts constructed of iron plates, separately pieced and numbered.
As we slowly advanced up the bay, numerous canoes pushed off from the surrounding shores, and we were soon in the midst of quite a flotilla of them, their savage occupants struggling to get aboard of us, and jostling one another in their ineffectual attempts.
When the flotilla had been landed, Nicholas and I and a watchman rowed out in one of the Whitehalls, with Charley in the stern- sheets.
Then in the darkness before the dawn they had come about and steamed northward in close order with the idea of passing through the German battle-line and falling upon the flotilla that was making for New York in support of the German air-fleet.
The balance of the flotilla was now making rapid headway under oars and sail toward the mouth of the harbor, and as Number Thirteen saw that the girl was being borne away from him, he shouted a command to his misshapen crew, and without waiting to see if they would follow him leaped into the nearer of the two boats beneath.
Before breakfast the ship was hemmed in by a flotilla of canoes; and when the natives were allowed to come on board, I suppose there could not have been less than two hundred.
Now there remained no trace of their dominion except the old steamer, once part of a Dervish flotilla, which was his house and office.
The 47th strategic informational and operational flotilla of the Iranian Navy comprising Bushehr cruiser and Alborz destroyer, has been successful to accomplish target missions as well as providing security with Iran's shipping lines.
Erekat said in a statement :"We strongly condemn the Israeli aggression against today's international Flotilla that attempted to break the illegal Israeli siege over 1,8 million people in Gaza.
The group organised two previous flotillas, in 2010 and in 2011.
The new flotilla is being organized by the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief" (Insani Yardim Vakfi), otherwise known as the IHH, the same organization behind the Mavi Marmara ship, which Israel Navy commandos stormed, killing nine aboard.
De Giorgi pointed out that the big number of the flotilla warships and its contribution to Kuwait's air defense exhibition showed Italy's interest in strengthening relations with Kuwait.
According to Deputy Commander of the Iranian Navy for Operations Rear Admiral Siavash Jarreh the Iranian Navy s 28th Flotilla of warships will leave India s Mumbai port for Southeast Asia.
The exclusion of IHH, the Turkish charity with ties to Hamas, from the flotilla that was set to launch this past June was an early victory for Israel against a mission that ultimately never left port; IHH was instrumental in organizing last year's flotilla, in which 9 members were killed by Israeli soldiers aboard the Mavi Marmara.