flotation device

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rescue equipment consisting of a buoyant belt or jacket to keep a person from drowning

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The Mountain Shop offers pack rafts, paddles, personal flotation devices, and all the equipment necessary for a once-in-lifetime Alaska rafting trip.
There goes your flotation device, unless you're wearing it.
Given that most pilots can't swim even a mile and despite the fact that aircraft engines can't tell if they're operating over land or water (and have proven very reliable so long as they are getting fuel), having some sort of personal flotation device for each person aboard an airplane that's flying over water is sensible.
island while attached to a flotation device, dpa reported.
Ordaniel bared his ordeal, saying that he was adrift for 12 hours without any flotation device. "I prayed for salvation," he said.
You will have learned laughter is a flotation device, and
Past research has identified several reasons for the high drowning rate in northern Aboriginal populations: the failure to wear a lifejacket (also called a personal flotation device) or floater suit (Health Canada, 2001; Giles et al., 2010b); alcohol intoxication; low water temperatures; amount of time spent on or near water; limited access to swimming lessons and lifesaving training (Health Canada, 2001); and a lack of geographical and cultural relevance in current water safety programs and risk messaging (Giles et al., 2010a).
John, who has vowed never to go fishing again, said Paul did own a flotation device, but it was kept in John's garage.
Use swimming shoes, correct swim attire, sunscreen, personal flotation device & ear cleaner.
Chi-square analyses found that Hispanics were less likely than either Whites or Others to have worn personal flotation device (p less than or equal to 0.001), low ability swimmers were less likely to wear a personal flotation device, Hispanics were less likely to swim in ponds, health problems were a barrier to swimming for all ethnicities except Whites, more ninth graders had friends who enjoyed swimming, and more females felt their nearest pool was in good condition (p less than or equal to 0.05).
FLOTATION DEVICE: The ant raft bends--but doesn't break--the surface of the water.
During deployment, a flotation device holding the cable on the surface of the sea so it could be connected onshore was punctured and part of the cable sank.
A HELICOPTER flying workers to a North Sea oil platform was forced to turn back yesterday after its emergency flotation device inflated in mid-air.
At Morgan Stanley Co., Richard Berner, co-head of global economics, describes the credit crunch, record energy costs and declines in payrolls and house prices as a "perfect storm" that figures to wash the economy into a recession during the fourth quarter once the tax stimulus package loses its effectiveness as a flotation device.
White was unable to grab a flotation device thrown to him and that rescuers then pulled him into the boat.