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Synonyms for flossy

like down or as soft as down

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Flossy plunged 130ft into the sea at Porth Wen, near Amlwch, Anglesey.
Rook and rabbit rifles formed a distinct class in the British gun trade and ranged from low-priced break-action single shots up to flossy double rifles by makers like Holland & Holland.
With her is Mo, whose late son was the donor whose heart Flossy received.
Elton, Flossy, Max, Joy, Nelson, Dinky and Charlie are currently fighting for their lives at the vet's clinic.
She's aware that her flossy shots of boutique gym sessions and beach vacations may enrage some, but here's why she thinks they Xian empower, too.
Jen wanted her look to be vintage-inspired and booked Pin Up Hair for her hair and make-up, while Flossy & Dossy created her perfect 1950s style dress.
Her mates--Vaisey, Flossy, Jo, and Honey--are all back, as are the Woolfe Academy Boys, and the very attractive bad boy Cain Hinchdiff.
Pull out your string and it's time to get your flossy on/Get at the food make your gums grow up nice and strong (yeah)/ .
The matriarch - an old girl called Bebe - was feisty and fond of kicking out so I was never allowed to milk her, or Flossy, who was fond of dancing about and tipping over the bucket.
All of the sports equipment purchased or donated is being kept at Harry's house under the watchful eye of his wife Flossy and is handed out before practice sessions whenever time is available.
Well, Santa's beat, 'his job was complete' but a surprise is in store when he goes to the paddock where Flossy the ewe-sheep was looking crook and, when taking a look, Santa's wife works out that Flossie is pregnant.
The new division will be headed by sales director Donna Diamond and multimedia consultant Flossy Vander Horck.
Flossy, a female gray-and-white tabby, was an indoor-outdoor kitty in her previous home and would prefer to be the only cat in her new home.
Other words I love include pastiche, which is what my wife tossed together for supper the other day; ubiquitous, a word that at one time seemed to be everywhere in print; flossy, a term I discovered in sports stories by friend Omer Cormier; and brouhaha, a much better way of describing this election than pig wrassle.