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an anthology of short literary pieces and poems and ballads etc

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For the 1589 edition of Collaert's Florilegium see https://www.mfah.org/art/ detail/124505?returnUrl=%2Fart%2 Fsearch%3Fnationality%3DNetherlandish (accessed on May 9, 2018).
In medieval Latin, a florilegium was a compilation of excerpts from different writings, meaning literally a gathering of flowers.
But she couldn't face telling the Botany department that her painting of Banksia serrata for the florilegium was on paper hot-pressed onto card that was not acid free, and would show deterioration with time.
Celia's dedication to the task put her at the center of the Monash Banksia Project, underwritten by Monash University (Australia) for 25 years and culminating in the production of an extraordinary three-volume florilegium that became one of the great books published in the 20th century.
Durand, Florilegium marianum VII [Paris: SEPOA, 2002], text 8, pp.
230) to the extensive and detailed (Georg Muffat's entire section on "The Manner of Bowing" from Florilegium Secundum (pp.
Especially valuable are three articles about ecclesiastical councils, which are S.'s forte: "Konzilien in Leben und Lehre des Augustinus von Hippo," "Konzilslehre Augustins" (reprinted from the Augustinus Lexikon), and finally "Augustinus-Rezeption in Konzilien von den Lebzeiten des Kirchenvaters bis zum Zweiten Vatikanum." Also regarding reception, there is a study of the Milleloquium veritatis composed by Bartholomew of Urbino, a florilegium coming out of the Augustinian Renaissance of the 14th century.
Peter Wollny has estimated that the Kernspruche enjoyed popularity comparable only to Erhard Bodenschatz's Florilegium Portense (1618): "in addition to the motets from the Florilegium Portense, every musician active between 1650 and 1700 knew the sacred concertos of Rosenmuller's Kern-Spruche, which possibly helped shape musical style in greater measure than did the Kleine Geislliche Konzerte of Schutz" (Peter Wollny, "Heinrich Schutz, Johann Rosenmuller und die 'Kern-Spruche I und II,'" Schutz-jahrbuch 28 [2006]: 37).
LEADING British baroque group Florilegium play in Warwick on Sunday to close out the current Music in the Round season at the town's Bridge House Theatre.
CARDIFF: St David's Hall (029 2087 8444), Florilegium/The Florilegium Choir.
In consequence, what is presented is a florilegium of conversion stories contextualized by introductions, but stories nevertheless.
4 Florilegium in its Jewish Context, Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1985.
Touring with her second album, the tonguetwistingly named Florilegium, she is at the Kitchen Garden in Kings Heath.