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a cheap lodging house

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The flophouse keeper's son, a Tom Wingfield sort of fellow, envisions a world on the brink of something new and remarks:
The outcasts, especially the bums of the flophouse, cynically accept the things as they are.
The story of Fugitive Kind, with its lavish use of idiomatic language, follows closely that of "American Gothic," where Terry Meighan, on the lam following a recent botched bank heist, seeks refuge in a riverfront flophouse managed by the proprietor's nineteen-year-old adopted daughter, Glory.
After another 10-hour drive across Ukraine, we end up in a flophouse.
Whenever I injure or tire myself on the rails," he admits, "I can rest, whether at home or in a flophouse.
All the while, he wore threadbare military regalia as clothing and lived in a filthy flophouse.
will return to his wife's flophouse, where we see him in a bathroom
Backpackers take note: New developments in eco-hostelling are providing rucksack-toting travelers with environmentally friendly alternatives to the typical budget flophouse.
THE flophouse bathtub in which James Earl Ray stood in to shoot dead civil rights leader Martin Luther King is up for sale on eBay for a third time.
In a postscript, he reports that he has stopped working as a day laborer and, to stretch his savings as far as possible, has moved out of the flophouse in Tokyo's most notorious slum where he'd shared a room with six other men.
If he sells about 25-30 copies per day, he can earn about 3,000 yen, enough for three bento lunches from the convenience store and a night in a flophouse.
In that time, ownerships have come and gone and the clubhouse has been a flophouse or drive-through bank for highly paid imports with no sense or care about the traditions.
Has AIM become a flophouse for flagging companies, or is it firmly on course to achieving the goal of being an attractive market in its own right, asks Birmingham law firm Hammonds?
Others lived with several folks to a room, and one even lived in a flophouse that only charged by the week.
That first winter, I kept my little $85-a-month flophouse room in town.