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a low plain adjacent to a river that is formed chiefly of river sediment and is subject to flooding


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natans are affected by variation in hydrometric level in a similar way to those found on other natural substrates in the upper Parana river floodplain. However, we recommend the use of more stable substrates in ecological studies of the periphytic community, due to the methodological standardization required for the investigation of such large-scale space-time dynamics.
Although Mississinewa Woods contains a number of smaller habitat types, the majority of the site is a floodplain forest (Fig.
For a homeowner to determine if they need to disclose flood risks, they could look up the location of their home relative to floodplains using FEMA's map locator tool.
A portion of the taxiway and automobile parking area will encroach upon approximately 66,300 square feet (sf) or 1.52 acres of a regulated floodplain. A map showing the project is available on this page.
The meeting was informed that due to encroachment in floodplain and water ways the passage for flood water has reduced and the places where earlier one million cusecs flood water could easily pass cannot accommodate now one lakh cusecs of water, said the source.
* the development is integrated into the floodplain to ensure the passage of flood waters to the downstream river system
The restoration will connect the creek to the floodplain, allowing nutrient-rich floodwaters to flow into surrounding forest preserves and newly created wetlands.
"Can we really trust putting something like a landfill so close to the floodplain?" asked Marisa Perales, an environmental attorney representing Citizens Against Laredo Landfill.
'More strict legislation is necessary to protect floodplain forests from clearing to do ranching or agriculture,' says Castello.
Their project focuses on areas on river floodplains and areas at risk of flash floods, and excludes areas at risk of coastal flooding.
Stormwater management company The Illinois Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management (IAFSM) announced on Wednesday the addition of Ajay Jain, PE, CFM, to its board of directors.
Gabriel Mejia, 21, was awarded for his photo of the natural spread of the Gabaldon floodplain of Nueva Ecija, which was taken from the summit of Mt.
KEY WORDS: agriculture management, pulsed ecosystem, flood pulse concept, paddy field, floodplain species, hydrological connectivity, Unio douglasiae nipponensis
The Oderbruch floodplain along the Polish-German border during severe flooding that forced 13,500 people to evacuate in August of 1997.