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the highest point of anything conceived of as growing or developing or unfolding


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the occurrence of incoming water (between a low tide and the following high tide)

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Tidal systems along the northern Gulf of Mexico experience predictable high flood tides about every 2 weeks (Stout 1984).
From the author's daily life in a house so close to the Mississippi banks that each spring she must open her basement doors to accept the regular floods, to tongue-in-cheek accounts of river rats and towboat pilots, to tales of desperate sandbagging against unruly flood tides, river hangouts, choice waterfront taverns, and more.
This result suggests that more FIB may be entering the wetlands on flood tides than leaving during ebbs, so that these bacteria either are being destroyed, sinking into the tidal channel sediments and plant surfaces, or both.
Subsequently, postspawned females were observed swimming at the surface during nocturnal flood tides, which indicated they were undergoing flood-tide transport (FTT) for movement into and up the estuary (Tankersley et al.
The agency has been issuing warnings about strong winds, heavy rain, high waves and flood tides in Okinawa Prefecture.
For example, juvenile prawns in estuaries and post-larval prawns returning from the ocean to estuaries, can utilise tidal movements for transporting themselves to favourable nursery habitats by 'riding' ebb or flood tides.
Today, in the era of dot-coms, flood tides of VC money, and technology stocks with exorbitant PE's, the bottom line is still what really matters.
On early morning flood tides, fish the mouths of creeks and points of bars and islands for slot reds and huge, 30-pound-plus, black drum.
The decision to use low-head turbines to generate power on both ebb and flood tides will permit broadly normal tidal patterns and so protect wildlife whilst defending properties and floodplains from tidal floodiing and rising sea levels.
In that scheme, the turbines would generate enough electricity 16 hours a day from ebb and flood tides to power 107,000 homes - equivalent to Swansea's annual domestic electricity use.
Education Departments officials told on Thursday, the figure include 268 school premises in district Jaffarabad which was completely destroyed by raging flood tides after breach in Tori Band along Indus River in month of August.
The contrast between yesterday's still-gray skies and worrisome flood tides and the sun and warmth these next few days is all one could hope for.
The Dee is notorious for shifting sands and deep gutters and the fast flood tides can quickly trap people.
This consists of upward migration during nocturnal flood tides, which allows megalopae to take advantage of circulation at tidal frequency to facilitate further transport up the estuary (Tankersley & Forward 1994, Tankersley et al.
Big flood tides will push the trout almost to the sawgrass on the south side of the river.