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a torturer who flogs or scourges (especially an official whose duty is to whip offenders)


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Los geeks, gamers y floggers son hoy los grupos urbanos mas populares que, incentivados por el mundo digital, dedican varias horas al dia a actualizar perfiles en la red social Facebook, encontrar la selfie ideal (la mejor foto de si mismos) para subir a otra red, Instagram, o compartir conocimientos con semejantes en salas de juego en linea.
He said 100 floggers were arrive from Germany during this week while 1000 nurses were also been recruited immediately.
Entre las culturas mencionadas por los adolescentes entrevistados se encuentran los punks, los emos, los floggers, los metaleros, los seguidores del tectonic, los rasta y los cumbieros.
2009) "La Influencia De Las TIC en la Conformacion de Nuevas Subjetividades y Formas de Sociabilidad entre los Adolescentes: El Caso de los Floggers del Abasto".
SOME FEMININE PRODUCTS: Makeup, paint, and brushes, Floggers and Boston creams.
Se trataba de los floggers, la tribu urbana que hoy inunda los malls de Argentina y que algunos adolescentes chilenos estan decidiendo seguir.
Many kids don't have computers or regular internet access, but everybody here sweats Fotolog, and its social network of floggers from all over the world.
An occasional 'accidental' execution by speeding motorists might even satisfy Theresa's Tory hangers and floggers.
ISLAMABAD, March 11, 2010 (Frontier Star): Justice Sair Ali of Supreme Court (SC) has remarked "thana" (police station) culture will stand changed when the floggers are flogged.
De deejays, floggers y ciberchabones: subjetividades juveniles y tecnocultura.
Although the sentence is still in limbo, Hussein publicized his acceptance of the punishment by inviting the official floggers to his office to demonstrate how an Islamic caning would be carried out.
I am advised they are rummaging sticks and floggers, used to remove corks rather than invigorate tardy bottlers and storemen.
Fielding first, Awali improved on the extras total that cost them so dearly in Sunday's opener against Chiang Mai's Floggers and Robbers, but were still set a demanding total of 68 to win the five-over match.
This should be a lesson to all those hangers and floggers in society who clamour for the ultimate penalty that could see innocent people sent to the gallows.
Já os floggers (fake bloggers) (10) se fazem passar por blogueiros independentes, mas na verdade escrevem sobre a regência de um ou mais anunciantes.