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having a fluffy character or appearance


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However, intratumoral mast cells and cytoplasmic vacuoles are rarely seen in oncocytoma, (16) and the cytoplasm of SDH-deficient RCC is flocculent but not truly oncocytic.
(A) Fluid was grossly tan to yellow and turbid with visible flocculent material.
In the MI group of this study, a degenerated cytoplasm of myofibrils with a fragmentation of muscle bands and degeneration, swollen mitochondria with disoriented and dissoluted cristae, flocculent density deposition, breaks in the outer mitochondrial membrane, disassembly of the nuclear lamina, markedly clumped chromatin randomly dispersed in the nuclei.
The modified nano-Ag/Ti[O.sub.2] was able to penetrate into the wood specimens and be retained in the tracheid through successful attachment to the wood cell wall due to a tight flocculent structure.
Therefore, investigation into the mechanism of the flocculent effect on the characteristics of the thickened tailings slurry is important in order to complete its pipeline transportation theory.
Compared to the unique and simple signs on LUS, the X-ray findings in HAPE patients included multiple signs, such as flocculent, slabby, trabs, butterfly aliform, or ground glass shadows (Figure 6).
At an amplification of 2000 times, abundant structures such as flocculent kaolin and flaky illite were observed, as shown in Figure 5(a).
Lounici, Competitive Adsorption of Toxic Metals on Bentonite and use of Chitosan as Flocculent Coagulant to Speed up the Settling of Generated Clay Suspensions, Chemosphere, 165, 87 (2016).
found that intraoral periapical radiographs allow perception of the radiopacities in AOT as discrete foci having a flocculent pattern within radiolucency even with minimal calcified deposits while panoramic often do not.
We are launching a full range of water management products to include clarifying tanks, flocculent dosing systems, filter presses and all associated equipment to provide a one-stop solution."
NS2-B3###Yellow, flocculent and spread around###Thick mycelia whose diameter was 8.8-16.7 m with light brown
There is flocculent, eosinophilic material and a few scattered macrophages found in most of the cystic lumina.