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form into an aggregated lumpy or fluffy mass

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cause to become a fluffy or lumpy aggregate

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Cation type and concentration in soil solution as well as on the exchangeable sites directly affect the ability of an anionic PAM to flocculate clay and to stabilise soil aggregates (Peng and Di 1994; Laird 1997).
But when added to water clouded with sediment, it flocculates the fine particles, causing them to settle out -- sometimes to the point of filling up the head of a furrow.
2] particles flocculate in a paint film, light scattering in the infrared region (wavelength = 2500 nm) increases.
Flash mixture tank where the effluent is quickly mixed with alum to get better coagulation and clariflocculator, where it is mixed with polyelectrolyte to flocculate and settle the suspended particles.
Attributes/comments: Genorad dispersing aids improve dispersion and stability of pigments used in UV/EB inks and coatings by providing easy separation of pigment particles during the milling process and they stearically stabilize the pigment particles, minimizing flocculate and agglomeration.
Based on the above discussion, it appears that Al-PAM is a polymer that can flocculate clay fines in a desirable manner as described earlier for improving bitumen froth quality.
9 quantile shows a marked increase at the highest pH values, but it is possibly because the highest pH soils tend to be saline too and therefore the clay fraction tends to flocculate.
Within a matter of seconds, any floating material will start to flocculate into clumps that sink to the bottom.
Computer-based readings help operators calculate the rate of flocculate delivery at any moment during the application.
Roger Gaudreault, MCIC, of the Cascades Research and Development Centre showed salt is needed for PEO (polyethylene oxide) and cofactors to associate and flocculate microcrystalline cellulose, using molecular modelling.
If all the faces of the pigment crystal are not coated with polymer, the pigment can flocculate at its "exposed faces.
ss], the electrolyte concentration needed to completely flocculate the clay suspension (or, in other words, completely prevent dispersion) is termed 'threshold electrolyte concentration' (TEC) (Rengasamy 2002).
Furthermore, nanoparticles might flocculate and form aggregates in the solvent medium.
The process was equally be interested for medical practitioners in case of rapid diagnosis and in case of engineers these may lead to the understanding for developing antiadherent antibacterial agents, which may protect bacteria to adhere to the solid matrix to protect corrosions and damaging industrial pipelines, [11], or to develop hybrid polymer matrix, which will attract microbes of waste water to flocculate, vis-a vis.
In this study the aim of the addition of PAM to the water supply was to flocculate out any sediment in the irrigation water with the proposed added benefit of decreased off-site transport of any nutrients that bind to any particulate material.