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(of plants) having tufts of soft woolly hairs

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The morphological analyses of F11 strain on potato dextrose agar (PDA) medium at 25degC for 7 days resembled with that of Penicillium piceum (Sidrim et al., 2010), having following characteristics; colonies growing moderately, rapidly on PDA, pale to bright yellow, velutinous to floccose, biverticillate penicillin cells (Fig.
Before oil extraction the characterization studies from morphology of Microspora floccose were conducted.
Description.--Fruiting bodies: Apothecia, sessile or with a rudimentary stipe, 1-8 cm broad, cup-shaped; inner (upper or hymenial) surface bright scarlet, outer (lower) surface white and floccose with matted hairs; margin generally inrolled.
Apple slices in the high mold group (incubated for 10 days) exhibited large patches of floccose sporangia reaching to 1.5 cm above the surface of the apple slices.
terreus###almost floccose brown###to###heads columnar,###with###ellipsoidal,###smooth
sparse indument of flexuous, often twisted and/or floccose hairs); and c) pink, rarely white flowers (vs.
From the aerial aspect, the colonies are initially white and floccose and later become dark gray or smoky brown.
Leaves elliptic to oblanceolate, 2.2- 6.4 cm long, 0.7-2.4 cm wide, spirally alternate, crowded at the apex of the branches, discolorous, margin entire, revolute, apex slightly acute to obtuse, base long-attenuate in a pseudopetiole up to 2.5 cm long; leaf blade coriaceous, greenish brown, olive or light brown, 3-veined from near base, adaxially glabrous or sparsely floccose in the proximal third and prominently reticulate-veined, densely yellow, ochre or yellowish-ochre lanuginose, apparently 3-veined abaxially; young leaves adaxially with dense to sparser deciduous whitish hirsute trichomes, abaxially densely orange to yellow lanuginose.
Seedling shoots are obtusely angled, floccose (appear cottony) and tomentose (having very fine hairs on the surface) when young (Zheng & Raven, 1996).
Scape erect, 25 cm x 34 mm, densely white floccose; scape bracts erect, laxly imbricate, slightly exceeding the internodes, elliptic, acute, entire, mucronulate, thin coriaceous, nerved, sparsely white floccose, rose to red.