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a small loosely aggregated mass of flocculent material suspended in or precipitated from a liquid


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The loan is considered a FLOC due to an impending vacancy by the second largest tenant, Staples (25% NRA).
On the other hand, the polymer chain of the flocculant with the high intrinsic viscosity would efficiently intercept the E1 colloids and attach on the surface of the E1 colloids, and the remaining part of the polymer chain would continue to capture the approaching E1 colloids to form large floc structure.
uses cone-shaped sand filters to remove floc from water.
where [D.sub.f] is the fractal dimension, [R.sub.f] is the floc radius and k is a structure prefactor.
Nesmith, a Catholic, said various Protestant denominations, the National Council of Churches and numerous Catholic religious orders formed the backbone of FLOC's success in North Carolina.
BM: Most of the FLOC members now are undocumented immigrants who were forced to migrate because of the policies of this country and of the international financial institutions the U.S.A.
Most of the floc forms in the flocculation (maturation) tank, then the ballasted floc settles out in the sedimentation basin, which is equipped with lamella plate settlers.
By identifying [Al.sub.13]--a molecule that is known to be phytotoxic and to have a high affinity for heavy metal cations--as the key molecule in floc formation, researchers now might be able to develop new approaches to attack this weighty pollution problem.
By itself, algae-free clay floc that settled on the tank bottoms didn't harm the critters, says ecotoxicologist Michael A.
In the 1980s, short forms of the fiber - staple, floc and pulp - were introduced, and quickly found acceptance in cut-resistant protective apparel, gaskets and friction materials.
Ordinarily, the waste stream is subjected to pH adjustment and chemical/physical processes that cause the pollutants to agglomerate or form a floc for subsequent removal.
They may soon become familiar as well with a boycott of the company spearheaded by the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC).