floating-point operation

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an arithmetic operation performed on floating-point numbers

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However, these software implementations are usually from 100 to 1000 times slower than equivalent binary floating-point operations in hardware [3].
It added that the workstation chips can get a boost from 3.2 GHz to 3.46 GHz.<p>In high-performance computing applications, the Xeon 5500 will allow server makers to build systems capable of more than 1 quadrillion, or 1,000 trillion, floating-point operations per second, claimed Intel, which is counting on the higher performance and low power consumption of the new processors to spur corporate server sales.<p>Looking ahead, additional Xeon processors based on a shrunken version of the Nehalem microarchitecture called Westmere are due next year.
In May, the Los Alamos computer broke through the landmark barrier of one petaflop--or one quadrillion floating-point operations per second.
The TriCore technology includes 150 MHz clock timing and parallel processing to run highly complex control circuits and mathematical floating-point operations. This provides the necessary performance for demanding applications such as load torque limiting in crane applications, while simultaneously performing all other necessary functions for the working and drive hydraulics.
That's 500 trillion floating-point operations per second--one teraflop equals a trillion operations.
The implementation has a peak performance of 175 teraflops per second (Tflop/s, trillions of floating-point operations per second).The TATA system, an HP Cluster Platform 3000BL, has 114 HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosures, each with 16 dual-socket HP ProLiant BL460c compute nodes, all connected via 4X DDR Infiniband switches.HP's second system in the top five is a 182 peak Tflop/s HP Cluster Platform 3000BL based on 2,128 HP ProLiant BL460c blade servers used by a Swedish government agency.
Even with 64-bit representation only 15 to 17 accurate decimal digits can be expected for floating-point operations in general (Sun Microsystems, Inc., 2004, chap.
The native floating-point operations are so accurate that we seldom worry about noisy or unstable digital filters or other iterative processes.
The system will supplement the NCCS architecture with improved price/performance and is designed to scale to as many as 40 trillion floating-point operations per second (TFLOPS) in its full configuration.
The Blue Gene system to be installed in Lausanne will have a peak processing speed of at least 22.8 trillion floating-point operations per second, or 22.8 teraflops.
The 32-bit single precision, IEEE-754 compatible MicroBlaze FPU provides designers with a processor tailored to execute both integer and floating-point operations. Integration with the MicroBlaze processor means CPU resources like the pipeline, processor register set and other processor resources become tightly coupled and shared with the FPU for optimum data bandwidth.
The 32-processor server runs at 171.61 GFLOPS or giga floating-point operations per second under a standard benchmark measurement called Linkpack-HPC, NEC said in a news release.
The 300-node cluster recently achieved 2.004 trillion floating-point operations per second (Teraflops) of sustained performance in the LINPACK benchmark test.
This is the world's fastest supercomputer configured with 640 nodes (64GFLOPS/node, 5,120 CPUs in total), each of which consists of eight vector processors (8GFLOPS/CPU), and achieves the peak performance of 40TFLOPS (40 trillion floating-point operations per second).
Memoing is another high-level technique that exploits data redundancy to eliminate power dissipation of long-latency integer and floating-point operations [Azam et al.
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