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a number represented in floating-point notation

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However, there are some studies on floating-point number homomorphic encryption, and the supported arithmetic types have many limitations; for example, most analytic functions such as exponential functions and logarithmic functions for floating-point numbers cannot be supported.
For any floating-point number f, there exist positive integers x, r, which make the first several bits of f and the root of [r root of (x)] to be exactly the same; that is to say, the two are approximately equal.
Assume that the firm gets partly compensates which is the mean of a floating-point number between 0 and 2 (depicted as [0, 2]).
As depicted in Figure 1, a floating-point number is encoded by three fields: the sign bit s, the combination field G, and the trailing significand field.
Because each floating-point number in a test vector is encoded in a precision- and range-independent way, the test vector can be used to test the operation in any floating-point set F (2, t, L, U), i.e., for arbitrary but fixed precisions t and exponent ranges [L, U].
Each part of the floating-point number is stored in a fixed-point format.
--ci, cu: conversion from a 32-bit signed, respectively unsigned, hardware integer to a floating-point number
The infinite real number field is mapped on many different finite floating-point number sets and these sets are not themselves fields (see the KAM theorem (B.
Irritatingly, the IEEE standard specifies a number of roundoff and truncation algorithms that may be employed when storing a floating-point number. Caveat porter!
On other systems 1.0E-38 should be replaced by the smallest representable floating-point number whose reciprocal does not cause an overflow.
IEEE denormalized number (denormal)--A floating-point number with magnitude between zero and the smallest representable normalized number.
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