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dry dock that can be submerged under a vessel and then raised

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Also, in April 2015, a home-made floating dock, with the capacity of launching 150-ton vessels, was delivered to the Iranian Navy in Iran's waters in the South.
Logistical support forces of the Northern Fleet and workers of the 82nd Shipyard in Roslyakovo (Murmansk region) launched a joint operation to bring the flagship of the Russian Navy, the heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser, Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov, out of its floating dock.
A worn out, near-shore dock hinge or other piece of floating dock hardware can cause a cascade of problems in the presence of high tidal flow.
The company is able to carry out this specialised work thanks to its investment last year in a new Panamax-sized floating dock which, at an impressive 195 meters long and a 15,000 ton rigging capacity, is suitable for a project of this size.
McGraw designed his floating dock and named it the Old Sitka Dock in recognition of its proximity to the Old Sitka historical site.
However, he said, Asry's plans for a new floating dock are still in the assessment and evaluation phase.
The major project of building a new floating dock of double the capacity of our existing dock has progressed and tenders have been invited from 10 international shipbuilding yards from the Far East and within the Gulf and these tenders will be opened within a month," he added.
Dana Point has floating docks, so as the tide comes in, the docks rise.
Valdez's 700-foot floating dock allows smooth unloading operations; given the tremendous tides (30' average) a ship performing roll-on/roll-off operations may only have its ramp on the pier for about three hours every tidal period.
Hunt's Point Riverside Park will be a gateway to the Bronx River and include a fishing and recreation pier with a floating dock, a central open lawn oval and a natural riverside amphitheater with stone seating and lawn panels.
The firm built a complex lockgate for a floating dock, which was successfully launched into the water.
THE sunken nuclear sub Kursk slowly rose above the water in a massive floating dock yesterday.
THE nuclear submarine Kursk slowly rose to the surface yesterday in a floating dock where investigators are examining it for clues to what caused the explosion and sinking more than a year ago.
The following floating dock and fixed pier design guidelines are courtesy of Jon Guerry Taylor, P.