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Synonyms for floater

spots before the eyes caused by opaque cell fragments in the vitreous humor and lens

a debt instrument with a variable interest rate tied to some other interest rate (e

a wanderer who has no established residence or visible means of support

an employee who is reassigned from job to job as needed

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a voter who votes illegally at different polling places in the same election

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a swimmer who floats in the water

an object that floats or is capable of floating

an insurance policy covering loss of movable property (e

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They also believe the enzymes could scavenge free radicals which could result in hyaluronic acid degradation and vitreous floater formation.
The long-term 'AA'/Stable Outlook ratings assigned to the Floater and Residual Certificates are based on the rating that Fitch has assigned to Custodial Receipts deposited in the trust.
There is no artificial propulsion on board, and the floater makes its way through the oceans riding on the natural currents, the wind, and the waves.
Based on the coverage wording, if the materials are designated to a specific job site that is scheduled in the Declarations, then the installation floater should cover their loss.
Older adults are more likely to develop floaters because, as you age, the vitreous becomes more watery in consistency, and the particles--which also may appear as clumps, threads, or "cobwebs"--are able to float around more easily.
Between December 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016, patients who visited our clinic for their vitreous floater symptoms and who agreed to participate in the study were consecutively enrolled.
It's likely that these came from the dredge floater assembly towed to Barangay Sto.
"With intense and unforgettable live performances, Floater continues to sell out some of the largest concert halls across the West," a news release says.
The transit floater will not cover these goods unless is it endorsed to cover the storage risk.
My husband had a very large floater which blurred his vision.
She says that one of her party ordered a 'dubious-sounding floater coffee'.
"It's probably nothing serious," he told me, "But I just want to make sure." After dilating my eyes and thoroughly examining them, he told me I did, indeed, have a large floater along with flashes.
Blanket installation floater policies often have limits and premiums unrelated to the risks.
One way to get additional coverage for your property is to purchase what's called a "floater" or "endorsement." Endorsements basically expand your homeowner's policy to provide broader coverage.