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fish steak usually cut from a halibut

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salted and cured abdominal wall of a side of pork

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The logs were sawn into one hundred 48-mm-thick (1 7/8-in.-thick) flitches of the widest width possible, ranging from 70 to 292 mm (2 3/4 to 11 1/2 in.), using a Wood Mizer Model LT 30 sawmill (Wood Mizer, Indianapolis, Indiana).
The board value by mill graders was significantly different among species (F = 36.65; df = 4, 330; p < 0.0001), number of defects (F = 10.42; df = 4, 330; p < 0.0001), minimum flitch width (F = 43.35; df = 3,330; p < 0.0001), and flitch length (F = 12.92; df = 3,330; p < 0.0001) (Table 8).
Court Leet Fish and Flesh Taster Mr Madge said the Flitch Trial was last held in Alcester in the 1970s when Patrick Wheeler, the previous senior partner of law firm Browning and Co, was one of the advocates.
In addition, the edging strategies used with irregularly shaped flitches can greatly influence cut-stock recovery.
Every year after that, the lord of the manor presents a flitch to any other couple who can swear, a year and a day after their wedding, that they have not offended each other in deed or word or ever wished themselves unmarried again.
Three couples compete for the "flitch", a bacon joint weighing 20lb to 25lb which is awarded to the couple who most impress the jury of "six maidens and six bachelors" during the trial at Alcester Court Leet in the town hall.
The veneer from seven of the matched flitch pairs were tested: five pairs of the 4-1/8-inch-wide flitches and two pairs of the 4-7/8-inch wide flitches.
The trees were mathematically reconstructed into a set of virtual 3D stems using the so-called flitch method, where the data concerning the geometrical and quality features (i.e., heartwood and knots) were obtained by computing scanned images of flitches (Song 1987, 1998; Usenius 1999).
Developed through a partnership between Weyerhaeuser and Aracruz Produitos De Madeira, S.A., Lyptus[R] is a new hardwood species available in lumber, plywood, veneer, back and flitch veneer, edgebanding and solid and engineered flooring.
"Now if we are doing doors for a project and they are making a desk that has several added contours, we can give them two-ply material made from the same flitch stock so everything marches."
Longitudinal methods cut logs into flitches and record grade data and features from each flitch.
We build by the office, no matter the size, which includes veneer matching stitching and the same flitch stock.
Nose bar setting, slicing temperature of the flitch, cutting velocity, log diameter, and the condition of the lathe knife are considered as the critical factors in veneer cutting (Lutz 1974a).