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Synonyms for flirtatious

Synonyms for flirtatious

given to flirting

Synonyms for flirtatious

like a coquette


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We have been engaged now for over a year, but I have been calling her my wife throughout that period because, despite a lifetime of non-monogamy and flirtatiousness, I am now committed.
Soon after this admission of his flirtatiousness, Willoughby discovers that Evelina still keeps the fraudulent letter he forges in the name of Orville, flies into a rage and quits Evelina forever.
What had previously been a sober, chaste and enormously circumspect attire has changed to a type of clothing that--without renouncing the expression of its ritual intent--stresses some of the characteristics of the Cuban woman: sensuality, flirtatiousness, and a slight touch of eroticism.
It has a flirtatiousness about it that's very seductive."
"I had the female lead and I knew it would be perfect." McClure, back in the room after popping outside for a cigarette, interjects with: "Aw, I've heard that loads of times today and every time I really enjoy it." She and Owen, like a double act when they're in full flow, duly crack up thanks to the static electricity of their flirtatiousness with each other.
For once one could understand this man's hatefulness, as his wife Sieglinde displayed an unusual flirtatiousness and determination as she invited a wayfaring stranger into their home.
These were studious kids, those confident with written correspondence, exhibiting a flirtatiousness they were unlikely to muster in public.
The flirtatiousness is thus both hetero- and homoerotic.
As Arendt's second husband Heinrich Bluchner, Axel Milberg is fittingly prickly at times, while at others he brings to life the indulgent, over-the-top flirtatiousness characteristic of many of the letters the two exchanged.
The "will they, won't they?" flirtatiousness of the lead couple was also more suited to a freeze-dried coffee commercial than a serious attempt at reinventing The Avengers and, as a result, it only lasted three series.
A patient with focal bilateral amygdala damage displayed defective real-world decision-making as seen by inappropriate social behavior (e.g., flirtatiousness with strangers), inability to maintain employment, and inability to maintain stable interpersonal relationships (Adolphs, Tranel, Damasio & Damasio, 1995).
For instance, the double standard encoded in the suspense surrounding the seduction plot--that women, but not men, can be "ruined" due to one premarital sexual encounter--provides the kindling that Lydia's personal tendencies toward flippancy and flirtatiousness ignite into the scandalous subplot that threatens the central Darcy/Elizabeth courtship plot.
Sean Connery married flirtatiousness with rugged machismo and bare-chested sex appeal, providing a template that successors have struggled to match.
Washington, October 10 ( ANI ): Flirtatiousness, female friendliness, or the more diplomatic description "feminine charm" is an effective way for women to gain negotiating mileage.
So he secludes himself in the flirtatiousness of Ihab's voice, which is scented with quavering supplication.