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Synonyms for flirtatious

Synonyms for flirtatious

given to flirting

Synonyms for flirtatious

like a coquette


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The flirtatiousness is thus both hetero- and homoerotic.
As Arendt's second husband Heinrich Bluchner, Axel Milberg is fittingly prickly at times, while at others he brings to life the indulgent, over-the-top flirtatiousness characteristic of many of the letters the two exchanged.
flirtatiousness of the lead couple was also more suited to a freeze-dried coffee commercial than a serious attempt at reinventing The Avengers and, as a result, it only lasted three series.
flirtatiousness with strangers), inability to maintain employment, and inability to maintain stable interpersonal relationships (Adolphs, Tranel, Damasio & Damasio, 1995).
For instance, the double standard encoded in the suspense surrounding the seduction plot--that women, but not men, can be "ruined" due to one premarital sexual encounter--provides the kindling that Lydia's personal tendencies toward flippancy and flirtatiousness ignite into the scandalous subplot that threatens the central Darcy/Elizabeth courtship plot.
Sean Connery married flirtatiousness with rugged machismo and bare-chested sex appeal, providing a template that successors have struggled to match.
Washington, October 10 ( ANI ): Flirtatiousness, female friendliness, or the more diplomatic description "feminine charm" is an effective way for women to gain negotiating mileage.
So he secludes himself in the flirtatiousness of Ihab's voice, which is scented with quavering supplication.
Consistent with this view, an article by Alan Krohn (2005) states, "[A] hysteric was someone who presented conversion reactions along with some other surface behavioural traits such as passivity, emotional lability, childishness and flirtatiousness.
There are many folk songs that testify to the romanticism and flirtatiousness of rural people, including this one: 'You, dear young girl, who are cutting grass alone
Like Ralph and Isabel's flirtatiousness, the homosocial bond is toned down in the acting edition.
To them her polished beauty hides a heart of stone and her flirtatiousness inevitably leads to her husband's ruin" (Melchior-Bonnet 22).
Throughout this scene, Austen stresses Edward's "good humour and Gaiety" as well as Kitty's "natural Unreserve" (208) such that the couple, though strangers, soon talk with a degree of ease and flirtatiousness that would have horrified Kitty's guardian: "But my dear Miss Percival," Edward presses, "what do you say to my accompanying you [to the dance]?
Indeed, he appeared to be nursing a crush for the young artist, whom he habitually addressed with a kind of avuncular flirtatiousness.
She balances childlike innocence with almost knowing flirtatiousness as Meg appears to be unconscious of the threatening events which are playing out all around her.