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in a flirtatious manner


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Suddenly he takes her in his arms and dances" (DL 52), which makes her very happy and even her manners begin to change: "She laughs, pirouettes flirtatiously [.
The speaker observes her mother differently, as she watches her touch another man flirtatiously, watches the local pervert stare over the fence at her, or watches her drive home drunk.
He segued into a mild rebuke, flirtatiously cautioning us on the danger of driving in such weather, we should have known better; even though he was thankful for the ride.
In contrast, Fosse's figure of death is a flirtatiously sexy woman in white (Jessica Lange), who periodically comes to tempt Gideon closer and closer to the end of life.
Also, there is a brilliant scene where the young lovers are flirtatiously discussing a book.
Even as the organisers led the crowd of onlookers from vehicle to vehicle, a few among them could be seen checking the vintage beauties on their own - eyes wandering over their beautiful leather upholstered interiors and letting their fingers run flirtatiously over polished curves that belonged to an automobile generation from aeons ago.
It is a flirtatiously fruity cherry-red wine, with bilberries, blueberries and harvest fruits on the nose and some burnt toffee from the oak.
The morality cops are back on the streets of Tehran looking for clinging clothing and wisps of hair appearing flirtatiously from under headscarves.
But the guys on the next table were not happy as one of the waitresses - a very attractive blonde, was flirtatiously wearing a bow tie, which one of the guys on the next table had loaned to her, the New York Post reported.
Someone finds a way into your heart and you want to hurry love, so you keep a light touch, a cheeky smile and you edge forwards flirtatiously.
We bantered a bit in the shade of a courtside beach umbrella, and I said flirtatiously, knowing she would be quizzed by Norman, "Norris, your skin has not been kissed by the sun, you are so pale.
LET us imagine on this day, as the sun winks flirtatiously behind a congregation of clouds, that your spirits lack their usual fizz, the soul sags, the countenance is dark, your gums bleed, your teeth hang loose, toxins lap over your liver, your wart is in the midst of a growth spurt, your bunions ache, and the insurance company will not pay for the flood damage to your bathroom.
and young girls with silver glitter around their eyes chat flirtatiously with men three times their age.