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in a flirtatious manner


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"Well, obviously you haven't looked hard enough," she teased, flirtatiously.
The words are fitting for Carmen, a defiantly unconventional character who flits flirtatiously from one man to another, while the racy, rollicking music to which she sings paves the way for a rousing opera.
Mr Ali said the alleged victim had been "dancing flirtatiously" in the restaurant and added: "I am confident to say they had their arms around each other.
e " Then, leaving his current love interest Amber and the rest of the onlooking islanders speechless, she decided to retaliate and flirtatiously spoon-feed the firefighter dessert.
is the most beautiful woman,' and then stops to ask Imee, flirtatiously: 'Aren't you a widow?'
The 1953 classic, taking a tongue-in-cheek look at a Christmas list addressed flirtatiously to Santa Claus by a woman who wants extravagant gifts, was chosen by 19 per cent of those polled.
The decision described how Mr Malik acted flirtatiously towards a patient in November 2015 before obtaining her telephone number from her patient record and contacting her by text message.
Sitting for the interview portion of the show, Nana flirtatiously asks vapid questions about the star's love life and his thoughts on stardom.
But Olly Murs, 34, proved he had moved on, as he was seen flirtatiously dancing with a mystery brunette while on holiday in Ibiza during the weekend.
In December, he spoke to me flirtatiously when he spoke loudly and bluntly before colleagues about my figure and beauty.
The plane was forced to make an emergency landing when the drunk passenger began "flirtatiously" touching a male passenger and also created a ruckus.
However, she decides to drown her sorrows instead and flirtatiously asks handyman Phil for a drink.
We then see BJ, dressed in a low-cut black dress, boots and gloves, outside the Casa, chatting flirtatiously with male passers-by and posing in the dark doorframe.
The pair decide to go on a date, and we see them excited, getting dressed, flirtatiously saying hello.