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Synonyms for flirt

chat up

toy with



Synonyms for flirt

to make amorous advances without serious intentions

to treat lightly or flippantly

a woman who is given to flirting


Synonyms for flirt

a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men

playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest

talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions

behave carelessly or indifferently

References in classic literature ?
"I'm a fearful, frightful flirt! Did you ever hear of a nice girl that was not?
"You're a very nice girl; but I wish you would flirt with me, and me only," said Winterbourne.
But if you won't flirt with me, do cease, at least, to flirt with your friend at the piano; they don't understand that sort of thing here."
But the young man was conscious, at the same moment, that it had ceased to be a matter of serious regret to him that the little American flirt should be "talked about" by low-minded menials.
"We don't like romps and flirts, though we may act as if we did sometimes.
Any flirt signal will have to be a conscious action to start with -but after you've done it a few times, it just comes naturally.
Almost half the office workers questioned (48percent) believed James Bond's relationship with Miss Moneypenny was the most successful example of functional flirting, where he flirts with his boss's secretary to gain favours and information.
Only 10% of women would flirt with a male car salesman in order to get a better deal.
Fox says it's because flirting is governed by a complex set of unwritten laws of etiquette, dictating where, when, with whom and how we flirt.
SOME people are born flirts who effortlessly catch their target's eye across a crowded room,flutter their eyelashes and seduce with some witty repartee.
Convinced that being able to flirt is not just vital for relationships but also for getting on in life and work, Elizabeth has been coaching people in Lancashire in the art of flirting.
How to use the skill to flirt: ``A controlled use of body language can make even the most devious seducer seem open, caring and genuine.''
"So what did you tell her?" asked Mary when I, returned home after that long evening spent advising our young, hitherto heterosexual friend how to flirt. "I told her to call you," said I.