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Synonyms for flippant

Synonyms for flippant

showing inappropriate levity


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He did not mind being flippant about New York, but disliked to hear any one else take the same tone.
It is rather too bad of Fred to repeat my flippant speeches to Mr.
Miss Cornelia disdained any skirmish of flippant epigram.
In 1517 Martin Luther, protesting against the unprincipled and flippant practices that were disgracing religion, began the breach between Catholicism, with its insistence on the supremacy of the Church, and Protestantism, asserting the independence of the individual judgment.
I am not being flippant about it, this is how the Government is treating our firefighters, and as good as they are, they cannot do the job without the proper tools.
But what he now says was started as a flippant tweet - on his unverified police Twitter account - has seen him attracting a whopping 64.
This is the kind of flippant and high-minded attitude that leads people to question who the system is designed for.
He knows nothing of the context, nothing of the circumstances but he decided to make a flippant comment like that.
It's just a flippant advertising campaign that attracts attention to the club.
According to The Guardian, Hodgson said that he regards such exchange of greetings as being flippant, and does not feel that it has anything to do with being a professional footballer.
The former reality star told Howard Stern on Sirius XM radio that she had fabricated the story about getting vaginal rejuvenation surgery to "feel tighter" and admitted that misleading fans in an interview on The Graham Norton Show was flippant and stupid.
Alexander Thomas, 27, was told by Judge Dafydd Hughes at Caernarfon Crown Court: "You displayed contempt and arrogance and an almost flippant attitude towards the way you treated young women.
What gives them the right to tell us what to do, with their flippant take it or leave it attitude to Britain?
This is a terribly serious issue and should not to be treated in a flippant manner.
At a time of Racing For Change this flagship programme needs to be sharp and incisive, not bland and flippant.