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Synonyms for flippant

Synonyms for flippant

showing inappropriate levity


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I had no idea you were intimate with her, or I should never have talked in this flippant, superficial way.
When a sensible woman has a serious question put to her, and evades it by a flippant answer, it is a sure sign, in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, that she has something to conceal.
He was none of your flippant young fellows, who would call for a tankard of mulled ale, and make themselves as much at home as if they had ordered a hogshead of wine; none of your audacious young swaggerers, who would even penetrate into the bar--that solemn sanctuary--and, smiting old John upon the back, inquire if there was never a pretty girl in the house, and where he hid his little chambermaids, with a hundred other impertinences of that nature; none of your free-and-easy companions, who would scrape their boots upon the firedogs in the common room, and be not at all particular on the subject of spittoons; none of your unconscionable blades, requiring impossible chops, and taking unheard-of pickles for granted.
"I dare say he's got good reason to cover his ears, like King Midas," went on the priest, with a cheerful simplicity which somehow seemed rather flippant under the circumstances.
He did not mind being flippant about New York, but disliked to hear any one else take the same tone.
"It is rather too bad of Fred to repeat my flippant speeches to Mr.
"How grave you look!" she exclaimed, with an air of flippant unconcern.
Miss Cornelia disdained any skirmish of flippant epigram.
In 1517 Martin Luther, protesting against the unprincipled and flippant practices that were disgracing religion, began the breach between Catholicism, with its insistence on the supremacy of the Church, and Protestantism, asserting the independence of the individual judgment.
He is now evicted and eliminated from the popular reality show on Vijay TV that courted trouble after its flippant attitude towards sexual violence against women.
FORMER Rose Of Tralee and Euro election candidate Maria Walsh yesterday admitted a boast about her shooting abilities was "flippant".
Veteran MSP Linda Fabiani branded the Department for Work and Pensions "flippant and uncaring" over their response to concerns she raised about MSPs being obstructed in vital business.
CONSERVATIVE under-secretary for housing Rishi Sunak's comment in the House of Commons yesterday that the people of the North East should not worry about Government cuts because we have the Great Exhibition of the North, the Cabinet has been visiting us and we currently have sunny weather was, at best, flippant and, at worst, crass.
Australian actress Rebel Wilson has vowed to challenge an "absolutely flippant" Australian appeals court ruling that slashed a record US$3.5 million defamation payout to her from a magazine publisher to $452,000.
He explained that he would not have reacted to the information as provided by the top security sources, but for the fact that those who obliged him with the information, were not known for frivolities and flippant talks.