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Synonyms for flippant

Synonyms for flippant

showing inappropriate levity


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Your speech," he said, "is flippant, but you yourself do not realize how near it comes to the truth.
Young, giddy, and inexperienced, Isabel followed the flippant impulse of the moment, without a thought of the consequences.
He invariably met her criticisms with a good-natured grin and a flippant remark with some tender epithet tagged on to it.
For myself, I confess that I had now conceived the utmost horror of the man, not only for this cold-blooded business in which he had been concerned, but even more for the somewhat flippant and careless way in which he narrated it.
Miss Cornelia disdained any skirmish of flippant epigram.
One was the flippant contempt with which the guests evidently regarded her uncle, and the other, the easy insolence of their manner towards herself.
In 1517 Martin Luther, protesting against the unprincipled and flippant practices that were disgracing religion, began the breach between Catholicism, with its insistence on the supremacy of the Church, and Protestantism, asserting the independence of the individual judgment.
When a sensible woman has a serious question put to her, and evades it by a flippant answer, it is a sure sign, in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, that she has something to conceal.
He was none of your flippant young fellows, who would call for a tankard of mulled ale, and make themselves as much at home as if they had ordered a hogshead of wine; none of your audacious young swaggerers, who would even penetrate into the bar--that solemn sanctuary--and, smiting old John upon the back, inquire if there was never a pretty girl in the house, and where he hid his little chambermaids, with a hundred other impertinences of that nature; none of your free-and-easy companions, who would scrape their boots upon the firedogs in the common room, and be not at all particular on the subject of spittoons; none of your unconscionable blades, requiring impossible chops, and taking unheard-of pickles for granted.
I swear on my children's lives I made it up - just to be flippant," the wife of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne insisted.
It's just a flippant advertising campaign that attracts attention to the club.
He knows nothing of the context, nothing of the circumstances but he decided to make a flippant comment like that.
According to The Guardian, Hodgson said that he regards such exchange of greetings as being flippant, and does not feel that it has anything to do with being a professional footballer.
This is the kind of flippant and high-minded attitude that leads people to question who the system is designed for.
What gives them the right to tell us what to do, with their flippant take it or leave it attitude to Britain?