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Synonyms for flippancy

Synonyms for flippancy

inappropriate levity

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The knight, however, was too much intent upon the matter in hand to give heed to the flippancy of his squire.
Elizabeth disapproved of this flippancy. It was out of place in one who should have been trembling at the prospect of doom.
The balloon leapt at once, in the manner of balloons when part of their weight is released by touching down, with a sort of flippancy, and in another moment Bert was over a street crowded with peasants and soldiers, that opened into a busy market-square.
Rebecca's wit, cleverness, and flippancy made her speedily the vogue in London among a certain class.
Being young, he did not approve of her flippancy. 'To importune the wise out of season is to invite calamitv.'
"Thank God you're not, anyway!" replied Raffles, with what struck me then as mere flippancy. I managed to raise myself upon one elbow.
"It is this incorrigible flippancy of which I have to complain.
Tinubu is not given to flippancy and frivolity and deserves all the accolades he has been getting, especially now as the conscience of the polity.
"This film is fraught with Salman's typical flippancy and vulgarity.
However, some of her industry peers responded with flippancy, like actor Yasir Hussain who marred the much-needed conversation with his irreverent and unnecessary two cents.
Excuse my flippancy, but a nuclear war depends upon some world leader going barmy and that is unlikely, unless President Trump grabs the red button briefcase and escapes his carers in a tantrum.
Very few disciples of Ashbery have come so close to equaling the mater's ability to coax a sense of mythic import out of personal life, using only irony and apparent, though belied, flippancy. This trick serves Ritvo well in enabling the reader to emphathize with rather than merely pity the dying man that speaks in these poems.
The flippancy of the Brexit Secretary's BLT remark and the arrogance of the instruction to businesses to talk to Dublin regarding cross border trade, I think illustrates how little regard our leaders have for business, industry and the ordinary people of the UK.
But we have ensured that flippancy - in the name of click-bait journalism - never sees light of day.