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a different aspect of something (especially the opposite aspect)

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On the flip side, sole DAP producer FFBL managed to increase its sales by 21 percent YoY to 66ktons.
Breaking free of those restraints and learning to "flip" negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones form the core of The Flip Side.
He also employs clever pairings in which formal pleasure is the flip side of a perceptual or interpretive conundrum (one triptych, for example, initially appears to be a view of three figures crossing a massive ice field but turns out to be three views of the same individual).
Heat balling is the flip side of bees nursing larvae in a nest, says Seeley.
On the flip side, succumbing to "analysis paralysis"--the fear that you have to be absolutely certain before making a decision--eats up time and sets a pattern of risk aversion.
On the flip side, many artists haven't the foggiest notion on how to run a business or promote themselves.
The flip side is killer female fronted spazzery that's even a little catchy.
The flip side echoes the famous buffalo nickel made from 1913 to 1938.
That's pretty much the flip side of what Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell said about the attacks of September 11, 2001.
If you want a taste of the flip side of polities, be sure to join the LWV of the National Capital Area when they present the Capitol Steps on Sunday evening.
Truthful information about consumer products and services helps consumers to make better informed decisions about buying and using those products; and, on the flip side, false and misleading information about products harms consumers.
On the flip side, on January 6, the American Cast Iron Pipe Co.
THE NEW YORK TIMES, The Washington Post, and The Christian Science Monitor recently came out with stories highlighting the flip side of the affirmative--action suppression that may be set in stone when the Supreme Court rules on the issue this year.
There appears to be a flip side to the negative press accountants have received lately.