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a different aspect of something (especially the opposite aspect)

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Panel formed to deal with flip side of Basant celebration
Barclays has announced the launch of The Flip Side podcast series, featuring in-depth debates between Barclays' Research analysts on critical topics facing economies and businesses around the globe, the company said.
On the flip side, consumer staples (-0.67 per cent) weighed down on investor sentiment with PAKT (-1.04 per cent) and COLG (-1.24 per cent) sliding down amid thin turnover.
On the flip side, sole DAP producer FFBL managed to increase its sales by 21 percent YoY to 66ktons.
It reached number one on the US Billboard charts and the UK charts with the flip side To Know You (Is to Love You).
ON THE FLIP SIDE Michael Arnot is hosting the Back Flip Road Show
But on the flip side, when jobs are at stake, we love them again.
On the flip side, the Baileys acquired a 3,863-SF house from Leslie and Barbara Dillahunty.
Flip side: slightly angled tabletop stand result in viewing angle issues, shiny glass panel
The power of the download is evident as fans can't get enough of JLS and download a track that in ye old days would have been known as the flip side or B-side.
On the flip side, he might have pulled too hard in the early stages, in which case, I will have to hold my hand up at some point in the future.
On the flip side, many of the homes going into foreclosure are being bought, said Darrell Naquin of Coldwell Banker in West Palm Beach.
FLIP SIDE: When a turtle's center of gravity (where the turtle's is concentrated) is nearest the ground, the turtle is most stable.
The Flip Side Flip Flippen Springboard Press 237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10169 9780446580786, $23.99