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showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings

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The book, which has been previously adapted for the stage, and which counts among its fans the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, is a flinty parable of brutality and resilience, in which two nameless twins wait out the Second World War at their wicked-witch-like grandma's house in rural Hungary.
Flavours are concentrated with green pungent fruit, flinty tones and subtle acidity.
Conceivably this is because wine characteristics interpreted by tasters as mineral (such as flinty, chalky or oyster shell) have an ability to evoke wider concepts via associative memory including the powerful marketing tool of vineyard location, or terroir.
Top wines are very expensive but many premier cru vineyards (next level down) also make great wine - like this smooth, lemon-centred version with a flinty undercurrent and suggestions of orange to add depth and sophistication.
Windsor described the film as "a flinty portrait of inequality and vigilante justice in the modern Philippines.
There's a fine lead turn from Charlie Creed-Miles in this flinty East End tale.
In the mouth the fruit has an invigorating quality with the sauvignon holding sway initially but as the wine travels to the mid palate it's the soft white melon fruit from the chardonnay that drifts in, all held together by that flinty texture.
This cool-climate chardonnay takes its DNA from the unique limestone soil (a chalky clay called Kimmeridgian) that blankets the V-shaped, river-bank valleys, and blesses the wines with that hallmark flinty edge, elegance and excellent ageing potential.
we said and imagined the company's flinty, flexible shell
Elizabeth grew up as an adopted child; she's a bright and ambitious lawyer, but a flinty loner in her personal life.
Flinty is struggling to run Rock Farm, perched high above the valley, and to care for her young brother and sister.
Last Tango In Halifax (BBC1, 9pm) Sally Wainwright's flinty romantic drama picks up pace, with Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi as the lovers re-united after 60 years apart.
Flinty Bay, meanwhile, should be supported at Bangor on his return from a long lay-off.
Guests are likely to enjoy wines from Miraval's own vineyard, including an acclaimed light, flinty rose, Pink Floyd.
Mailer's flinty prose always tended to the noir, and he explores that voice in Tough Guys Don't Dance, which features a reporter, Tim Madden, who wakes one morning with a severed female head, a blood-splattered Porsche, a tattoo--and no memory of the previous night.