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showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings

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This isn't yet a Katrina-scale disaster, in large part because flinty heartlanders refuse to let it be.
400 thousand tons of flinty wheat were imported from Kazakhstan and Russia," Arstanbek Nogoev said.
With singular grace and audacious understatement, Lydia Davis structures a vision of contemporary experience that is as much Seinfeld as it is the real world, that is to say as much Beckett as Proust: the relentless scrutiny of the minutia of lives about nothing, hip tales, often flinty and spare, centering on serio-comic characters confident of their own consequence yet living, we see, in expectation of event, never quite finding a way to matter, a reading experience that is at once compassionate and analytical, playful and disturbing.
But the consensus among Japanese is that visions of a future in which immigrant workers live harmoniously and unobtrusively in Japan are pure flinty. Making humanoid robots is clearly the simple and practical way to go."
From the austere young examples, with their flinty taste and green vegetable aromas, to well-aged bottles, rich with tropical fruit essences, Gruner Veltliner is an immensely drinkable, food-friendly Austrian white wine whose popularity in the US has grown exponentially in the last 10 years.
When we spoke on the phone, we inevitably slipped into flinty New Englander personas and discussed the weather, sometimes at great length.
Some fiscal conservatives and isolationists may opt for the flinty Ralph Nader rather than vote for Bush.
Perhaps it's meant to be wryly ironic, a flinty kind of wishful thinking--or a backhanded word to the wise.
Collins, 49, is quick to claim an-other Smith legacy that may be her greatest asset in this campaign: a Maine Republican's flinty independence from rote political partisanship.
As played with flinty ennui by Julie Walters, she's Glinda the Good Witch by way of Miss Hannigan.
But Weber's wit does not prove consistently hard and flinty. Rather this book has a strong scent of pathos about it.
Work all hard spots until the tissue is thoroughly broken up and made as soft as the surrounding parts, so the tanning liquor can penetrate, which it cannot do if any part of the surface is hard and flinty.
Robbins." He gave me a flinty look and said, "No, but .
What use now are my talismans, my touchstones: the practice of literature, vague learning, an apprenticeship to the language used by the flinty Northland to sing of its seas and its swords, the serenity of friendship, the galleries of the Library, ordinary things, habits, the young love of my mother, the soldierly shadow cast by my dead ancestors, the timeless night, the flavor of sleep and dream?
Flinty." "This one begins meaty but no finish." "It's corky." "Its flabby." "It's got breed." "I pick up apple."