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Synonyms for flintlock

a muzzle loader that had a flintlock type of gunlock


an obsolete gunlock that has flint embedded in the hammer

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There's a tendency to assume firearms evolved in a linear way--the matchlock, followed by the wheellock, then the snaphaunce, miquelet and finally the flintlock. In truth there was a great overlap in time--at least 100 years--between the several ignition systems.
We thought the flintlock was such a great invention we brought them all the way over from Europe just so we could introduce our red brothers to the wonders of modern manufacturing and kill them faster.
Intrigued by the challenges and possibilities presented by flintlock smoothbores as a versatile tool for hunting and competitive shooting, Baxter began working with his, learning to tune point of impact and extend lethal shot-pattern distances.
* Powder in a flask or horn (two types of powder in separate containers if using a flintlock)
And then, it finally hit me: If I could use a chert point found on our ranch to ignite a flintlock rifle load and kill a deer on the same land, I could blend 4,000 years of hunting into one event.
2: A man entering by the side door with a flintlock pistol.
"I've just started to produce Flintlock, which features women in action in the 18th century.
The annual "Flintlock" exercises started only weeks after an attack in Burkina Faso's capital Ouagadougou left 30 people dead.
"Last November, when we set out to do a mapping project on one of these sites in Chiricahua National Monument, we found several pieces of an 18th-century Spanish flintlock," says Bruce Huckell, associate professor of anthropology.
Brigadier General James Linder said that, as part of the annual U.S.-backed 'Flintlock' counter-terrorism exercises this year in Chad, the United States would provide technology allowing African partners to communicate between cellphones, radios and computers.
Her father is Derek Pascoe, vocalist with '70s pop group Flintlock, and her great grandmother was the music writer Rosa Newmarch.
Dave Sharkeye fires his 1700s Flintlock gun as youngsters get in the Pirate spirit
Recent reads include Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan - a truly great trope-twisting, flintlock fantasy, with added Zenda.