flint maize

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corn having kernels with a hard outer layer enclosing the soft endosperm

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Furthermore, flint maize corn shatters more easily into smaller particles in saw-type mills when compared to dent maize.
2008) who evaluated flint and dent maize milled to 865 and 570 pm geometric diameters, respectively fine and coarse sizes, and observed 14% higher energy consumption for grinding the flint maize cultivar to fine corn size when compared to that employed in dent maize cultivar.
In fact, data collected during grinding showed that the saw mill seemed more efficient when used for processing flint maize corns, to produce medium or coarse corn sizes.
With composite interval mapping, we rarely found significant digenic epistatic effects among the detected QTL for testcross and per se performance of lines derived from three crosses of European flint maize (Mihaljevic et al.
The major goal of the present study was to assess the importance of epistasis for grain yield and grain moisture in four crosses of elite European flint maize with different approaches.
Flint maize usually yields less and has more kernel moisture than dent maize at a given harvest time.
Ten open-pollinated cultivars of flint maize were chosen for this study (Table 1).
In conclusion, flint maize is an interesting addition to the germplasm used in temperate areas.