flint glass

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optical glass of high dispersion and high refractive index

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Verescence is able to achieve perfect transparency using its formula for extra flint glass. This formula was developed in 2015 when they cultivated a new composition for high luminance glass.
Producers of this style vastly prefer clear or pale flint glass bottles to showcase the diversity of colors.
Flint glass lenses were extremely heavy, up to 1,200 pounds.
The 150 ton furnace is dedicated to produce Flint Glass is in operation with 3 production lines [6 Sections DG, 8 Sections TG and 12 Sections DG].
Stone now described himself as a County Magistrate and a flint glass manufacturer.
A mixture of archaeological and documentary sources are used throughout the various papers, no more so than in Franc Myles's examination of flint glass at a glass-house at Smithfield in Dublin.
The perfect fusion of elegance and functionality make the flint glass rectangular-shaped Hera bottle a splendid suitor for your next perfume or cologne packaging product.
Made in flint glass, the bottle showcases the gold colour of the oil while protecting its organoleptic features.
Glass is produced as containers in the 88 ml to 1,000 ml range and they come as flint glass and coloured glass.
Berk Company, has introduced the Ronda Collection of flint glass bottles in both 15mm crimp and Europa (threaded) finishes.
Like the earlier flint glass examples, they're a very useful size, being 5-6 inches high and holding about half a pint.
* Achromatic Lens: Lens comprising two or more elements, usually of crown and flint glass, that corrects for chromatic aberration, or the scattering of color.
"Flint Glass Wharf is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our city-centre building expertise in one of Manchester's most up and coming areas."
Berg devotes Part II to manufactures--notably to that of elegant flint glass, porcelain, and metal objects, all of which served as props for genteel living and for those who esteemed "politeness" above all other human traits.
"A clear flint glass bottle, acid etched with a mask to leave a clear area around the heel, is accompanied by a metallic pressure sensitive shoulder label and topped with a Stel closure that is colored to match the lava-like product offering within." Supplier is Anchor Glass, Lancaster, Ohio.