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corn having kernels with a hard outer layer enclosing the soft endosperm

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The electricity consumption in kWh was obtained with Equation 2 for flint corn and with Equation 3 for dent corn from the sum of rates recorded by the device during the grinding of each treatment:
Renewing America's Food Traditions, a branch of Slow Food USA, has published a self-titled compendium of traditional recipes that use rare heirlooms such as Osage Red flint corn, Sibley squash, and the Santo Domingo casaba melon.
* Flint corn has a small starchy endosperm enclosed in a thick layer of hard endosperm called horny endosperm.
Popcorn is Zea mays averta, a type of flint corn. The corn used as animal feed, called dent corn or field corn, is Zea mays indentata.
Barker's Creek Mill uses Keener's Corn, an open-pollinated white flint corn grown by the Keener family in Betty's Valley since the 1820s.
Iowa State College breeders named a Reid Yellow Dent by Argentine Flint corn cultivar cross mule corn (Wallace, 1923).
However, Cargill said that the sale will secure the future of the flint corn section of the business in Liverpool.
The European Commission has temporarily shelved its plan to amend the system for maize and Argentine flint corn imported into the Iberian peninsula.
He explained that he had seen an article in Grit a few years ago on red flint corn (www.Grit.com/red-flint-corn).
For polenta and cornbread, Deppe likes 'Cascade Ruby-Gold' flint corn, an early maturing, cold-hardy variety she developed.
A darker colored jelly can be made with the purple cobs from certain varieties of flint corn. Here is how they do it:
Flint corn and popcorn have a bit more "chew" to the kernels, and I think the flavor from the higher oil and protein content of those types of corn stands up better to the lime (calcium hydroxide or cal, Spanish for "lime").
Corn Flint corn concentrates 'Floriani Red Flint' and (Zea mays) nutrients in hard kernels Roy's Calais' grow well in 100 to 120 and is easier to grow than a variety of climates, but days sweet corn.