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Synonyms for fling

Synonyms for fling

to send through the air with a motion of the hand or arm

a period of uncontrolled self-indulgence

a brief trial

Synonyms for fling

a usually brief attempt

a brief indulgence of your impulses

the act of flinging

Related Words

throw with force or recklessness

move in an abrupt or headlong manner

Related Words

indulge oneself


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The book ends with chapters on "Associations and Societies" (partly internationally relevant), "Awards and Prizes" (very USA-focussed) and "Getting Help" (which includes everything that Fling found hard to fit in elsewhere).
For Fling we are taking a limited market launch for unlimited learning," says Pinnau.
The race is named after course specialist The Last Fling and 12 months ago it was won by Sue Smith's nine-year-oldTonoco.
Although that performance came on heavy ground, Native Fling seems to be able to adapt to all surfaces and he can add to his tally again.
BLOKE'S VIEW' Esquire magazine editor Peter Howarth IS it ever acceptable to have a final fling before settling down?
American Express today introduced an in-store promotion enabling shoppers to receive a free Spring Fling Card worth $25 from American Express Incentive Services when they purchase two American Express Gift Cards of any value at select drug stores and supermarkets, and at American Express Travel Service offices, through June 30, 2008.
Sharon added: "We were sitting watching telly, Ozzy on one couch and me on the other, and he sends me this FLING email.
Highland Fling Bungee managing director Murray Trail said: "We had seen tandem bungee jumps taking off in other parts of the world, especially in New Zealand and South Africa.
She also broke the Final Fling record by 15 meters.
According to Osbourne "the fling was more fling for me and not fling enough for him because a couple of months into it, he brought around the real love of his life for me to meet.
Directed, choreographed and refreshed by Bourne, this is the first time Highland Fling has been presented by another company.
London, Jan 26 ( ANI ): Brandi Glanville, who is an expert when it comes to raising eyebrows, has rated Gerard Butler's bedroom skills after having a brief fling with him.
The company has introduced Fling, a new chocolate finger that will be available exclusively in California in 2009.
2 : a time of freedom for pleasure <The trip was our last fling of the summer.