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Synonyms for flimsy

Synonyms for flimsy

Synonyms for flimsy

a thin strong lightweight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies

lacking solidity or strength

Related Words

not convincing

lacking substance or significance

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THE Lockerbie trial judges were blasted yesterday for their "flimsy approach" to some of the evidence.
Police say student accommodation often has one communal door with good security, but internal doors to flats then often only have flimsy nightlatches.
It's more like two excellent Saturday Night Live sketches back-to-back, with flimsy plots on which to string a lifeline of laughs.
Visiting Kobe two weeks after the earthquake, Ban was struck by the sight of people praying and freezing rain among the ashes of the church, sheltered only by flimsy umbrellas.
THE US was yesterday accused of sending terrorist suspects held on flimsy evidence to be tortured in secret jails in Jordan.
You could almost lose yourself in this place, for all your awareness of the flimsy artifice.
The relatively flimsy rear doors are 25 feet above the sea, and are intended only to keep out rain and spray.
LAND ROVER has hit back at Amer-ican suggestions that its rugged off-road vehicles were ''flimsy''.
But when Kramer's ranting commands the attention of the gay press, when a flimsy metaphor like "sexual ecology" passes as science, when gay journalists begin to blame unsafe sex practices on gym culture, when our best-known columnists tell us to be unqueer as the price of dignity, the standard of debate stinks, and collective amnesia displaces the sense of queer history.
And at 26ml each, they also hold three times the contents of the flimsy packets they are to replace.
My own (flimsy) disapprobation crumbled after a second walk-through.
The Scots Under-19s had England at 46 for 5 as they defended a flimsy 202 total on the second day of their match at Scarborough.
Professional as ever Jodie, 25, even kept her cool when the flimsy ensemble, designed by Wolford, started to ladder.
The matter-of-fact titles indicate historical origins and Parker's manipulations: Tarnish from the Inside of Henry the Eighth's Armour, 1998; Feather that Went to the Top of Eve jest, 1997; Spider that Died in Mark Twain's House, "Very often," says Parker, "the sculpture is just a flimsy excuse for me to get my hands on these things that change the face of history." The tragic-comic surrealist still life Shared Fate, 1998, for example, consists of a burned loaf of bread, the front page of The Times of London, a silk necktie, leather gloves, and a deck of cards.
The gimmick behind the project--Calame traces the shapes of sidewalk stains, then transfers them to aluminum and fills them in with sign-painter's enamel--was flimsy enough to begin with, and by now it's just fatuous.