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Synonyms for flimsy

Synonyms for flimsy

Synonyms for flimsy

a thin strong lightweight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies

lacking solidity or strength

Related Words

not convincing

lacking substance or significance

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But Goldberg's reporting also reveals that the case for attacking Iran--especially for America to attack so Israel won't--is even flimsier than the case Goldberg helped make for invading Iraq in 2002, in a New Yorker article alleging that "the relationship between Saddam's regime and Al Qaeda is far closer than previously thought.
They huffed and puffed in the group, lumbered past mighty Slovakia, and beat Brazil with the simple tactic of lobbing it into the box, as the Samba Kings' much-trumpeted defence proved flimsier than a Copacabana thong.
The appellate panel found that the process for sorting prisoners at Bagram was even flimsier than the one at Guantanamo, which the Supreme Court said was inadequate.
The outfits -- both see- through dresses and tunics -- inspired the pert models to parade in flimsy Gstrings and flimsier bustiers.
Beckmann argues that English has a much flimsier system of such consistency-checks than other languages (almost no case endings compared to Latin or Russian, no gender for nouns, few verb-endings corresponding to the subject, etc.
Perhaps if you are writing a short book denouncing society's fondness for flimsier pleasures, you are entitled to exaggerate.
Yet the narrator must also reluctantly reveal that these borders between herself and these vanished souls are flimsier than she hopes.
Common does not bad mouth those who play a flimsier brand of hip-hop, and he even granted a pass on the hyped-up "battle" between his friend West and 50 Cent over who would sell more records when both released new albums last month (West trounced 50).
Newer and flimsier growth may quickly collapse after being detached from the plant.
The Sansa's array of buttons looks like a ClickWheel but is less elegant and feels flimsier.
The result is flimsier, less informative newspapers that are bad for public discourse and, ultimately, for democracy.
Kickers will be closer together here, too, to help keep the bend in place and support the somewhat flimsier board.
If the 1994- intervention was too little and too short to do lasting good, what does Martin expect to accomplish with a much flimsier effort this time?
45 caliber pistol looks fragile on a Web page, well, it looks even flimsier in a glass case.