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Synonyms for flimflam

an act of cheating

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

Synonyms for flimflam

a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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(This is the same De Lima who is currently detained on serious drug charges, who was recently given an "award" by some flimflam foreign group.)
A third ingredient of fossil-fuel flimflam is so-called clean coal, often relying on carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.
Anyway, my point is that the spat-upon Vietnam veterans seemed (to me) to be part of the same myth, the same flimflam, and the modern iterations are so obviously ridiculous that I assumed their antecedents were equally inflated.
And then, of course, there's Barnum's famous saying:"There's a sucker born every minute." Except that Barnum never said that or anything like it, though it was a popular saying among 19th-century con artists and flimflam men.
Let's see it, else may I respectfully suggest you consider penning another best-seller - 'The Art of the Flimflam.'
But that sounds like he could be just a minor flimflam artist.
The future of the fourth estate lies not in edifying flimflam but in nurturing many more Tilaks.
Without a single Democrat willing to sign on and give a bipartisan veneer of credibility, the private accounts plan slowly came to be seen by voters for what it was: another piece of GOP flimflam."
Flimflam's son, it disappears from much of the third volume as well, while the author is describing the travels around Europe and beyond undertaken by the eventual hero (Mr.
reave thieve recreation relaxation redound rebound reel wheel regime scheme rein constrain relish embellish retardation deceleration rim brim 3 ring ding ping ritual habitual roast toast roil embroil roisterous boisterous roll scroll rook crook rough tough roundly soundly rout wipeout rub scrub rumble grumble rush gush Scam flimflam scheme dream sectility cuttability seller storyteller (pun!) sheathe wreathe shrewd clued shudderjudder shush!
Like Hilton Kramer, he refused to be bamboozled by the flimflam of the New York art market that was awash with money, greed, and strivers.
11, 1914, Chicago Tribune praising Bunny's participation as an "actor, singer, dancer, raconteur, mimic, and celebrity." Some accounts, however, suggest a close which has Bunny doing a final film flimflam either by entering or exiting a movie screen.
We could also send people real, hard information insteadof this terrible flimflam called "brand image" that we had been cynical enough to sell for the past 50 years and consumers had been stupid enough to fall for.
On Twitter, Theroux said: "RIP Paul Daniels, a thoughtful skeptic, enemy of hucksterism and paranormal flimflam, and gifted magician.