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an airfield without normal airport facilities

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A flight strip consists of one runway, laid down in the direction of the prevailing wind, and a shelter with telephone for the custodians at the site and for itinerant flyers in an emergency.
Saab s DMAN is also fully compatible with the European departure management and A-CDM concepts and requirements and seamlessly integrates with Saab s Electronic Flight Strips.
to supply, deliver and install its NOVA 9000 Radar Processing and Flight Planning System, with fully integrated electronic flight strips, to the new air traffic control (ATC) tower at Jersey International Airport.
Carol Manning, Engineering Research Psychologist for CAMI, states, "When the flight strip editor has been completed, it will be possible to reconfigure both data block and flight strip formats for use in studies conducted using CAMI's Advanced ATC Research Simulator.
The Sharjah Executive Council of Sharjah International Airport, said they opted for establishing the 4,060-metre long and 60-metre wide new flight strip against Dh500 million rather than maintaining the old one.
Gallium will provide engineering services and a flight strip editor to expand the capabilities of the FAA's Advanced ATC Research Simulator.
Moving from traditional paper to electronic flight strips will offer efficiency benefits for Newcastle.
AFIS officers at the RTC have complete control over all sensors and airfield lighting along with integrated flight data, electronic flight strips and other ATC tools.
GAATS+ provides significant enhancements to the original GAATS system, including electronic flight strips.
This new contract represents the second order for Adacel in the past year to provide traffic displays and electronic flight strips for air traffic control towers.
Prior to the system, controllers relied on paper flight strips and mental calculations to determine if proposed route changes are safe.
The tower display systems incorporate Adacel's advanced air traffic situation display and electronic flight strips.
2 IDP is a prerequisite for launching new features FDP ESUP where IDP system performs presentation role in the radar display and display electronic flight strips.
The A3000 also provides VATMC with a flexible system that can grow with the airport and expand to include solutions such as electronic flight strips and Collaborative Decision Making systems.
The planning results are then presented to approach/departure, tower and apron controllers via electronic flight strips, enabling them to implement them both in good time and in the right sequence.
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