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the upper deck of an aircraft carrier

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The GHD also offers a simplistic control interface and offers similarities in tactile operation in relation to the Garmin integrated flight deck.
The NextGen Flight Deck includes an Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS), Electronic Flight Bag, Integrated Standby Unit (ISU), synthetic vision, and enhanced vision (FLIR), providing situational awareness, safety enhancements, and operational performance.
I can do what any male can do, and an all-female cat crew basically just proves there's a lot more females out there who can pull their own weight on the flight deck.
Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Equipment) 3rd Class Ryan Pennell ensures an F/A-18E Super Hornet, assigned to the "Pukin' Dogs" of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 143, is ready to launch from the flight deck of aircraft carrier USS HARRY S.
In 2009, United Airlines settled a lawsuit with a female pilot who said she stopped flying after repeatedly finding pornography hidden in compartments of the flight deck.
But it can be a bad thing on the flight deck where deliberate actions and thought are required.
Flight deck technology in the CSeries aircraft includes LCD displays and head-up flying, which allows critical tasks to be done from the glareshield.
The sections will form a 7,500-tonne flight deck, hangars and crew accommodation, the size of three football pitches.
The airline is offering around 11,000 iPads to its pilots to facilitate its paperless flight decks.
From a pilot's perspective, the Global Vision flight deck will add a whole new dimension of situational awareness, reduced work load and comfort.
ACCORDING to the book "80 Years of the British Aircraft Carrier" by Frank Ott and Maurice Biggs, trials of an angled flight deck were conducted on HMS Triumph but HMS Centaur was the first carrier to be formally equipped with this development.
The Navy's newest flight deck cleaning technology, the Mobile Cleaning Reclaim and Recovery System (MCRRS), is powerful and environmentally safe.
AN airline pilot sacked for allowing Wales midfielder Robbie Savage to sit on the flight deck of his jet lost a claim for unfair dismissal yesterday.
AN AIRLINE pilot sacked after allowing a former Welsh international footballer on to his jet's flight deck told an employment tribunal yesterday that the star posed no risk to the safety of the aircraft.
A WARWICKSHIRE airline pilot sacked after allowing a Premier League footballer on to his jet's flight deck told an employment tribunal that the star posed no risk to the safety of the aircraft.
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