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The King drew his consoler-under-disappointment, and, flicking off Camaraladdin's head, said:
Many and many is the circuit this pony has gone,' said Mr Crummles, flicking him skilfully on the eyelid for old acquaintance' sake.
The officer, who had been absorbed in flicking his riding-whip against the floor, presently became a witness to a piece of by-play, all unsuspicious though he was that any drama was about to unfold itself.
Do you suppose," he went on, flicking a twig off a tree with his whip as we passed, "that the intellectual husband, wrestling intellectually with the chaotic yearnings of his intellectual wife, ever achieves the result aimed at?
A young patient of yours," I said; and the doctor, flicking the chest- nut absently, muttered, "Her husband used to be.
the Prince answered, flicking the end off his cigar.
Near him, leaning listlessly against the wall, stood a strong- built countryman, flicking with a worn-out hunting-whip the top-boot that adorned his right foot; his left being thrust into an old slipper.
Using only familiar mobile gestures, such as flicking, pinching and tapping, players can trade more than 70 different instruments, including currencies, commodities and indices, available 24/5.
com)-- The upgrade of the iPhone application to "consume" as many flavors of Dum Dum Pops as you can in the allotted time period by flicking the iPhone's touch-sensitive screen.
Simple, take it completely the other way to provide a totally unrealistic but incredibly addictive 'hit the bullseye' golf game that will have you frenetically flicking in all directions to hit a hole in one.