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Synonyms for flay



Synonyms for flay

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strip the skin off

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Views on the issue should be sent to the Secretary, ITC, 33 Fley Street, London W1P 7BL.
In fact, Bob was surprisingly good as smarmy theatre critic Sylvester Le Fley, who lived in a swanky rural pile with an aristo wife he didn't love and a son he didn't care about.
Bob left his designer suits behind and opted for the casual look as he relaxed in a country mansion as wealthy Sylvester Le Fley. He appeared heavily disguised with grey wig, moustache and matching eyebrows which he raised to great effect when he discovered a pounds 1 million painting had been stolen.
Dillon follows the the trail of Luis Fley, a contra field commander who went by the nom de guerre Comandante Jhonson [sic].
9107 & made swiche defense & sleiyt, 9108 pat y no may telle it ariyt Likewise revealing are lines from Robert Mannyng's The Story of England which, apart from the regular rhymes, like fley : ney, also contains several curious rhymes of ney with by (8447), party (!!) (8546), maistri (12518), cry (13058), softely (!) (13544), blody (13906) and wery (15944); cf.: