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Synonyms for flexure

Synonyms for flexure

the state of being flexed (as of a joint)

an angular or rounded shape made by folding

act of bending a joint


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For flexible cable-driven instruments, the complete actuation mechanism (from flexure to actuators) should be designed to minimize friction between the actuator and the instrument tip.
BEI Kimco (Vista, CA) introduced a new moving magnet voice coil actuator with a flexure design that ensures high alignment accuracy by preventing unwanted shaft rotation.
A gene locus responsible for reticulate pigmented anomaly of the flexures maps to chromosome 17p13.
Is it possible, then, to design a track-following scheme that has neither flexures nor roller bearings?
In most precision test applications, cables are constantly moved with repetitive flexures.
The material must withstand the minimum number of required joint flexures (normalized to 100% based on 3x safety factor).
Here, we describe in detail rapid arm flexures of some bathyal isocrinids and present evidence that this behavior defends crinoids against various biotic and abiotic threats.
It varies in thickness up to 60 metres, with local thickening and enrichment in minor flexures, such as 2.
The hexapod system incorporates six piezoelectric SQUIGGLE micro motors, miniature bearing assemblies, motor mounts, flexures, spring preloads and miniature drive electronics.
The new weighing technology is founded on a direct-loading weighing cell concept that does away with all of the fragile flexures, pivots, pullers, and bearings found in most analytical balances.
It can also perform welding applications such as sintering, pipe/plate welding and spot welding flexures.
The MC Series has higher torque capacity and torsional stiffness with two sets of flexures for increased parallel offset.
The combination of these technologies eliminates eight of the traditional eleven flexures found in balances using normal magnetic force restoration.
The Asumura Property occupies one of the last large, unexplored greenstone belt flexures in Ghana and we consider Ghana the friendliest and most stable of African countries.