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Synonyms for flexure

Synonyms for flexure

the state of being flexed (as of a joint)

an angular or rounded shape made by folding

act of bending a joint


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Solving this non-linear cable lengthening problem begins with analyzing the kinematics of the flexure and the requirements imposed by this non-linear behavior.
Incorporates a shaft with flexures at both ends of travel that support the moving magnet field assembly
There have been many methods adopted to derive the compliance equations of flexure hinges [12-14], including the integration of linear differential equations of a beam, Castigliano's second theorem, inverse conformal mapping, and empirical equations formed from FEM.
To strengthen the masonry beams in flexure and shear, U - shape CFRP wrap (CFW 600) was bonded on three sides of beams as shown in Fig.
Due to flexure hinges only, no excessive damage occurred specially in mid piers and columns.
Zwick explains this contact-type extensometer is designed for tensile, compression, flexure and cyclic tests in manual and automated testing systems.
Stiffness modeling of flexure parallel mechanism, Precision Engineering 29: 467-178.
Sherborne Sensors has developed a flexure suspension, high accuracy servo inclinometer specifically customised for the rail industry.
Conclusion: The literature review highlighted a lack of consensus among researchers regarding the reliability of ISO recommended three-point flexure strength testing method.
The scale's weigh bridge features exclusive rocking flexure suspension in the approach-retreat configuration.
Micromotion stages utilizing the flexure hinge mechanism can have many advantages: negligible backlash and stick-slip friction; smooth and continuous displacement; adequate for magnifying the output displacement of actuation; and inherently infinite resolution.
uses a flexure bearing to provide precise positioning in a very compact package.
The SCS is interpreted as a Cenozoic pop-up controlled by E-W and NE-SW structures linked to large-scale lithospheric flexure triggered by the SE-NW far-field stress propagation of the Africa-Eurasia collision (De Vicente et al.
Subsequent colonoscopy detected a neoplastic lesion at the splenic flexure confirmed at biopsy to be adenocarcinoma.
Barium enema showed a small-caliber descending left colon with a "transition zone" at the splenic flexure, with distended hepatic flexure and ascending colon.