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Synonyms for flexion

the state of being flexed (as of a joint)

deviation from a straight or normal course

act of bending a joint



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Under the deal, Flexion will make an upfront payment of USD2m to GeneQuine, with potential milestone payments of up to USD8.
initially shows F3 muscle force on flexion, F3+ extension, F3 -abduction, F3 adduction, F4 internal rotation, F4 external rotation, and, at the end of the intervention period, the patient recorded F5 muscle force on flexion, F5 extension, F5--abduction, F5 adduction, F4++ internal rotation, F5 external rotation, noticing an improvement; the patient D.
Quadriceps contracture present (on keeping the patella on trochlear fossa, flexion of knee is possible only up to 600 and on release, patella dislocated laterally and full flexion was achieved)
If the greater trochanter moved up and down when the knee extended and flexed, we recorded a positive finding, indicating that there was a valgus deformity during knee flexion.
The following statistically significant differences between the two groups of parameters were found: before right knee maximum flexion around mid--stance (p = 0.
Dorsi Flexion is accompanied by abduction and some pronation of the foot.
Landing with less knee flexion angle might increase the risk of ACL injury because of the greater knee extensor load (10, 11).
to determine whether femoral tunnel lengths of greater than 20 mm can be created with a flexible reamer system at 90[degrees] of knee flexion and 2.
Based on analogous considerations we calculated timing of the angular velocities of the pelvis segment, hip joint flexion and knee joint flexion to determine the proximal-to-distal sequencing and to study their impact on IV.
Material and Methods: Using nonprobability convenience sampling, we included students (all females) of WMC suffering from neck pain due to neck flexion posture.
Comportamiento del tobillo en individuo femenino 1, angulo filtrado Datos estadisticamente confiables para el 40% de las pruebas (Prueba 4-5): P< 0,05: el rango de movimiento para la flexion de tobillo de angulo filtrado en fase de despegue del pie en grados, cuenta con una media de 138.
Product Pipeline Review - 2015', provides an overview of the Flexion Therapeutics, Inc.
It allows the knee position to be quickly changed from extension to flexion resulting in decreased operative times.
Three test conditions were simulated: upper torso loads up to 400N in upright stance, ii) initiation of flexion (5deg) and extension (3deg) from upright stance, and iii) extended ranges of motion (ROM): flexion (28deg) and extension (10deg) from upright stance.