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Synonyms for flexile

capable of being shaped, bent, or drawn out, as by hammering or pressure

capable of withstanding stress without injury

Synonyms for flexile

able to flex


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Woolf not only debunks the fictitious idea of a single default construction of factual history in terms of imperial power and its discourse; she also introduces an image of history flexile to socio-political discourse, effectuating a reconfiguration of historiography.
See Stevenson's "Francois Villon, Student, Poet, and Housebreaker," a biting, moralistic screed on the life and work of Villon, "[a] sinister dog, in all likelihood, but with a look in his eye, and the loose flexile mouth that goes with wit and an overweening sensual temperament.
The flexile Titanium nail is firmly anchored in the S-shaped clavicle according to the principles described by Ligier et al.
Cabe destacar que Nicora & Rugolo de Agrasar (1998: 187) consideraron a Paspalum flexile como un sinonimo de A.
It further suggested to mix this flexile security system with an "international monitoring to address any abuse".
Universal design for learning addresses each of these potential barriers through flexile provisions of space, materials, curriculum, technological applications, and personnel.
Rooted in earth each cloven foot descends, And round and round her flexile neck she bends, [.