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During the preceding action scene, Donaldson frequently doubles up on the metaphors and verbs: "Unnatural heat and cold gusted at Covenant's face like gasping, like strained exhalations of time [...] Wild magic ripped through [Lord Foul's] fleshless form, sent fiery harm careering everywhere along his disembodied nerves" (520).
She wasn't bigger than a squirrel and looked exactly as thin and fleshless as such animals look without fur.
Still wanting to put a positive spin on the visit, he decided to try again when he noticed the tiny, fleshless legs of a child sticking out of a blanket in the packed hospital.
This strongly hinted that the fleshless corpse was once the fitting property of some student of anatomy, and the hunt for a killer was averted.
And, as if an icy hand had gripped him, as if a fleshless finger had pointed--he saw, understood.
To appreciate the ethereality of "Fleshless Chant," one needs to be empty of possessive desires and thus settle the mind.
Plato also recommended a fleshless diet as he condemned blood sacrifices and saw the eating of meat as against his search for cosmic order.
Scientists who become infected with the virus are transformed into slavering cannibals, with the Doberman guard dogs reborn as fleshless hounds from hell.
paradoxically, the incarnation of the terrifying in fleshless bodies.
I'm afraid it will come away in my hands - you frighten me with your fragility, a bag of fleshless bones, dressed in your best for a wedding.
As a Lover, not abstract and fleshless, but as one who loves us precisely in and through our bodies and who, despite our moral failings, still holds us in mercy and calls forth something strong and beautiful in us, something that we have "long ago ceased to be"?
We are awake, fleshless and blind to each other again, chatting about the way snakes smell things by flicking at them with their tongues.
Its head is half fleshless skull and half healthy visage; death and life are unified, but they appear to be engaged in a dynamic process, liberated from dichotomies of now and then, either/or.
The communities constructed in Mumsnet are often intensely personal and highly emotive, and these qualities are partly enabled because they are also fleshless and fleeting.
In "Metamorphosis" II, the field of white recedes in swirling olive green and sky blue in red orange haze, the birds head transforming into a fleshless human skull, white eagle close to his right hand.