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A MISSING British hiker whose dismembered, fleshless remains were found in the hills of northern Greece was probably attacked, torn apart and devoured by wolves, a coroner said.
I'm afraid it will come away in my hands - you frighten me with your fragility, a bag of fleshless bones, dressed in your best for a wedding.
As a Lover, not abstract and fleshless, but as one who loves us precisely in and through our bodies and who, despite our moral failings, still holds us in mercy and calls forth something strong and beautiful in us, something that we have "long ago ceased to be"?
We are awake, fleshless and blind to each other again, chatting about the way snakes smell things by flicking at them with their tongues.
Its head is half fleshless skull and half healthy visage; death and life are unified, but they appear to be engaged in a dynamic process, liberated from dichotomies of now and then, either/or.
The communities constructed in Mumsnet are often intensely personal and highly emotive, and these qualities are partly enabled because they are also fleshless and fleeting.
In "Metamorphosis" II, the field of white recedes in swirling olive green and sky blue in red orange haze, the birds head transforming into a fleshless human skull, white eagle close to his right hand.
Much social constructionist research has been accused of rendering "the body incorporeal, fleshless, fluid-less, little more than linguistic theory" (Longhurst, 2001, p.
The girl recoils when seeing the long nails clawing at the glass, the fleshless hand reaching through a broken pane, and the bloodless face:
In my warm thighs a fleshless devil chops him to bits with hell-cold evil.
Such beauty nowadays can be seen to be snubbed by abjurors who imagine they have better things to do than busy themselves with such fleshless game: beauty in works of art.
For a long while we just stood there, looking down at the profound and fleshless grin.
At last the visitors make their way to the chapel, and there in the pulpit they make the gruesome discovery of "a black-gowned figure, whose head was a skull off which all but the spectacles had withered, whose arm rested on a pile of papers, and whose fleshless finger .
Whom mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by Even your Golden Treasury won't save, They feel their claim On us expiring: starved to macron, breve, Those fleshless ribs, a beggar's frame .