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Synonyms for flesh-colored

having a bright red or pinkish color

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Gleeson has used flesh-colored tape, and he's partial to Ben Nye tattoo cover-up.
The TM9478 is a flesh-colored facestock, and the TM9479 is white.
Reports in the medical literature since 1990 indicate that these lesions can vary in their clinical presentation The diagnosis has been applied to flesh-colored and translucent dome-shaped papules on the face solitary flesh colored to dark-red papules in the head and neck area and trichoepitheliomas on the face and trunk.
Doctors say practically everyone has about 10 moles, which are usually dark brown or black, but they can be flesh-colored or yellow-brown.
The men, dressed in white bathrobes, served sandwiches to the patrons, then stripped to flesh-colored trunks and danced.
There was Woody Allen dining with Soon-Yi, and who should glide by with her gaggle of gal pals but Monica Lewinsky, decked our in a flesh-colored cashmere sweater that was a far cry from her more sedate all-in-black appearance at the Roundabout's tony "Design for Living" bash a week earlier.
Our church is planning a renovation and I'm going to suggest to Father that we have a flesh-colored Jesus on the cross--one that looks real and is shedding his blood.
Deep within myself I had begun to worry that all this loving care we gave to the pink and white flesh-colored dolls meant that somewhere left high on the shelves were boxes of unwanted, unloved brown dolls covered in dust.
Small protrusions (less than half an inch) on a narrow stalk, usually flesh-colored or darker, and usually on the neck or upper body.
The 47-year-old actress had donned a gold-beaded Reem Acra halter gown for the occasion which did nothing to cover her flesh-colored pasty when she motioned backstage during the speech, Us magazine reported.
From blank, flesh-colored center in the 1962 work to the "blankness" of a standard fluorescent fixture in 1963, the distilled and abstracted icon is now installed in a corner--a charged position for the Russian abstractionists Tatlin and Malevich, whom Flavin was studying and who both positioned works in the corner, where domestic religious icons had always hung.
Indeed, more enchantment surfaced in Mechanical Organ, a suite of dances from 1980, in which the ten dancers offer solos, duets, and group interactions in sexy, flesh-colored leotards.
The British beauty accidentally exposed her side boob in her low cut Giorgio Armani gown, but it was a flesh-colored pastie, she was wearing to cover her breast, which saved her from further embarrassment, reported Us Magazine.