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a wound that does not damage important internal organs or shatter any bones

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Flesh wounds, gas burns, shrapnel in the eye and even some amputations.
And spokesman Andrew Plumby said: "I've seen horses covered in blood and flesh wounds.
After the five-minute attack, Roz was left bleeding and needed treatment including stitches for four serious bite marks and 13 other flesh wounds.
She received four serious bites which needed stitches, along with 13 other flesh wounds.
If I had to guess, I would say that a high percentage of those lost deer were flesh wounds and the arrow never entered the body cavity.
Wrexham-based Awen Creations makes face masks, flesh wounds and other similar prosthetic special effects for low-to-medium budget film makers.
Queensland Rescue Helicopter spokeswoman Helen Anderson said: "I believe she also had flesh wounds to her leg and torso.
2 Santiago, Chile Flesh Wounds and Purple Flowers, Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco (Arsenal Pulp, 2001) Camilo crosses borders, from furtive adolescent encounters with Santiago's 1970s Pinochet soldiers to illegal Canadian immigration.
Brad has seen many soldiers with flesh wounds, and some are suffering from war shock syndrome," says his mother, Christine Antis of Eugene.
A spokesman said: "She has major skin tears and flesh wounds to her legs, thighs, buttocks and arm pits.
If you are tempted by carnal thoughts," he advised, "hide them in the holes of the stones, that is, in the flesh wounds of the crucified Christ; and if you are trying to combat feelings of anger and revenge, try to think of Christ's patience and sweetness.
Nilsson's recent installation Only Words, 1996, consisted of a brutally mutilated male body hanging in midair; the head, one arm, and both legs had been cut off, leaving only the torso covered in awful flesh wounds.
AP&L has declined to speculate on the size of the cuts, but "The Sacred Cow" shows employees are clearly concerned that they won't be just nicks and flesh wounds.