flesh wound

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a wound that does not damage important internal organs or shatter any bones

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He had quite a deep flesh wound, which required stitches, and took a long time to heal but he'll be back.
The victim was said to have a minor flesh wound to his lower left leg.
SocGen has taken a hit but it does not need to be more than a flesh wound.
I'm personally not very optimistic that you will ever recover a deer that has only a flesh wound, but at least Judd's approach gives you a fighting chance.
Colon said last week that doctors described the injury as if a scab was peeled back from a flesh wound.
For Australia, it was only a blip, a mere sporting flesh wound.
After a few seconds of denial, I looked at the "minor" flesh wound and yelled down to my father.
35 caliber hole through the brisket, which of course would be considered only a flesh wound.
HOST Gary Lineker cut his hand on the famous camera tripod trophy, the first flesh wound in BBC Sports Personality of the Year's 61-year history.
Concerns were raised after five people with serious skin infections were identified as having had a piercing carried out at the business, which has traded under the names Blue Voodoo, Sun Tattoo Studio and Flesh Wound.
It is just a flesh wound on his finger, but it is a big flesh wound.
5) 18 A brief job assignment to find the careless darner (6) 21 Lorne travels west to become a member (5) 24 An open fire you will always find in Elgin (5) 25 A top host cooked Betty Driver's favourite Corrie dishes (7) 26 The First Lady takes relaxation on a famous mountain (7) 27 Shout to get brief physical training in the church cellar (5) DOWN 1 A costume worn by eastern women for a number of anniversaries (4) 2 Scamper off to find the folk living under canvas (7) 3 A diner's specially prepared fish (7) 4 Throwing ashtrays can produce a deep flesh wound (4) 5 Where the street water ends up in a bad rainfall (5) 6 Sexy clothing spotted in the marathon?
Their spokesman Paddy Power said: "We got that one a little cheaper, but really it's no more than getting a painkiller for a nasty flesh wound.
It's just a flesh wound,'' he (John Cleese) insists, accusing King Arthur of being a "chicken" for not wanting to fight on.
On opening the blanket, crews discovered the 34-year-old man had suffered a very nasty flesh wound to his chest.