flesh wound

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a wound that does not damage important internal organs or shatter any bones

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A woman driving by in a car suffered a flesh wound and is recovering, Evans said.
The rest of the cast are highly amusing, too, especially Richard Kent as Prince Herbert and Richard Meek as his father, who is also hilarious as Sir Galahad and the Black ''it's just a flesh wound'' Knight.
The Magpies travel to Chelsea on Wednesday in a game key to their ambitions of rejoining the European elite, with the skipper confident that Saturday's North West rout was little more than a flesh wound.
"Thankfully we were among those shortest in the industry this morning at 15-2 and so escaped with merely a flesh wound after Swincombe Flame's victory.
Message to all readers: Congress just passed an extension that amounts to a bandage on a gaping flesh wound. The industry must continue to push for adequate funding for America's crumbling roads and bridges.
As a precaution the youngster was airlifted to James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, with a flesh wound to his chest.
The first was a flesh wound, and he was treated and returned to his unit; the second time he suffered a serious leg wound that took him out of the war.
"He had quite a deep flesh wound, which required stitches, and took a long time to heal but he'll be back." The Daredevils, battling with five other teams for a semi-final spot, may face a slightly weakened Mumbai side on Tuesday, since the home team has already qualified for the semi-finals and might look to rest a few key players -- especially its bowlers.
The victim was said to have a minor flesh wound to his lower left leg.
"SocGen has taken a hit but it does not need to be more than a flesh wound."
I'm personally not very optimistic that you will ever recover a deer that has only a flesh wound, but at least Judd's approach gives you a fighting chance.
After a few seconds of denial, I looked at the "minor" flesh wound and yelled down to my father.
Dramatist Che Walker knows his terrain, which in the case of "Flesh Wound" doesn't merely mean the shadier byways and more sinister council blocks of Camden.
I found two of the "petals" in the leg wound and a .35 caliber hole through the brisket, which of course would be considered only a flesh wound. A second shot angling from the rear dropped the animal with no bullet recovery, although the slug didn't exit.
And, while we are at it, nor could a referee tell if Jan Vertonghen (left) had suffered a flesh wound, as Tottenham now insist, or a senses-scrambler.