flesh fly

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fly whose larvae feed on carrion or the flesh of living animals

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Upregulation of transcripts encoding select heat shock proteins in the flesh fly Sarcophaga crassipalpis in response to venom from the ectoparasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis.
Morphological and mitochondrial DNA characters for identification and phylogenetic analysis of the myiasis-causing flesh fly Wohlfahrtia magnifica and its relatives, with a description of Wohlfahrtia monegrosensis sp.
The flesh fly Parasarcophaga argyrostoma (Robineau-Desvoidy) (Sarcophagidae: Diptera) is involved in myiasis.
This treatment covers household flies and other fly species which are commonly found (Musca), moth fly, vinegar fly, flesh fly or any
Flesh fly myiasis (Diptera, Sarcophagidae) in Peruvian poison frogs genus Epipedobates (Anura, Dendrobatidae).
Pearson product-moment correlations were used to examine the relationship between flesh-fly abundance and temperature, and flesh fly abundance and habitat preference (Zar 1996).
The aim of this study is to determent the species of parasitoids with flesh fly.